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We also used auto-implemented properties in this chapter, but this new feature exists only for C# and isn t required for LINQ to exist. If you want to learn more about the new C# features and C# in general, we suggest you read another book from Manning: C# in Depth. VB.NET 9.0 introduces more language features, but they aren t related to LINQ, and we won t cover them in this book. This includes If as a ternary operator similar to C# s : operator and as a replacement for IIf. Other VB improvements include relaxed delegates and improved generic type inferencing. It s interesting to note that Visual Studio 2008 lets us write code that uses C# 3.0 or VB.NET 9.0 features but target .NET 2.0. In other words, we can run code that uses what we introduced in this chapter on .NET 2.0 without needing .NET 3.0 or 3.5 installed on the client or host machine, because all the features are provided by the compiler and don t require runtime or library support. One notable exception is extension methods, which require the System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute class; but we can introduce it ourselves or deliver the System.Core assembly that contains it with our .NET 2.0 program.
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Collection sets: disk usage, query statistics, server activity Data collector Collection sets: disk usage, query statistics, server activity Data collector
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Step 1 involves Thread A acquiring a lock to the shared locking object. Once that lock is acquired, the Wait method of the Monitor class is used on the shared locking object. This places Thread A into the WaitSleepJoin state. Recall that in this state the thread is essentially idle. The first two lines of the following code example demonstrate steps 1 and 2. In the following example QueueWaitLock is the shared locking object referred to in the diagram.
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CHAPTER 10: Demystiying Apple s Push Notification Service
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The property bag specifies that the properties should be promoted to the current SPWeb object and only on the root web. The property bag contains one or more properties, each of which has a name, a type, and a value. When a Feature containing the element manifest is deployed and activated, it will add a new value to the property bag of the top-level web site of the site collection. The
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Instance Variables
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foreach (var title in tasks) { Label1.Text += title; } }
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If you re not excited about having to run around to every computer to enable remoting, don t worry: you can also do it with a Group Policy object (GPO), too. The necessary GPO settings are built into Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controllers (and you can download an ADM template from download.Microsoft.com to add these GPO settings to an older domain s domain controllers). Just open a Group Policy object and look under the Computer Configuration, then under Administrative Templates, then
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'VB.NET '<root> ' <item name="Baseball Glove" cost="50" />
Figure 5.19 Adding a document map to the Territory Sales by Store report makes it easy for users to view and navigate to a store in any given territory.
private void UserControl_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { LoadContinents(); }
We ve seen how a Singleton object has just one instance which is activated at server startup, shared between clients, and lives as long as the server is running. In contrast, a SingleCall object is activated (i.e., its constructor is executed) each time a client invokes a method on it. When the method completes, the instance is discarded. In both cases, object lifetime is determined by the activation mode.
<Properties> <Property Name="Title" Type="System.String">Name</Property> </Properties>
Eliminate Your Paper Notes
We ve covered a lot of material in this chapter. You ve learned some of the basics that are vital to any Cocoa application: how to execute your own initialization code when your app launches; how to use Interface Builder to lay out views in a window, including specifying resizing behavior; the basics of using a variety of Cocoa s GUI classes; and more. In the next chapter we re going to build on what we ve done so far, extending the VillainTracker application to be able to handle an array of villains listed in a table.
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