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Evernote provides you quite extensive and flexible searching features. You can even search for text contained in images. Next we show you how we were able to find the word Client in a picture we just snapped with our iPhone of a fax cover page. 1. Tap the New Note soft key, and then tap Snapshot to take a picture of any document with text on it. In this case, we took a picture of a fax cover page. Tap the Notes soft key and tap the search notes field at the top of the page. Press the Search key at the bottom right.
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Image ImageList Public Properties
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In the Ahead
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Figure 6 77 shows the 2x magnification of the initial image. The resolution is crisp as the Einstein01 tab is highlighted.
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a. Display the Properties window for the Stretch to Fit menu. b. Click the Events button to show the list of events. c. Click the space to the right of the Click item. d. Enter the handler menuImage_ChildClick by hand. e. Press the Enter key. The new method is registered with the menuStretch object in the InitializeComponent method of the MainForm.cs source file:
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This chapter covers
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Dumping NSDictionary objects to plists has proven to be a simple way of persisting small amounts data that I use often. It s especially useful when you have control over the server because you can have the server send you a plist that you can persist more or less directly. In an open source library called TouchEngine for communicating with Google App Engine that I m working on with Noah Gift, a great Python programmer, we chose to use plists as our communication medium, and we automatically cache any plist that we get on the iPhone from the Google servers. We are automatically loading the cached data from the plists before we fetch new data. TouchEngine is available from Google Code at http://code.google.com/p/touchengine/. In AAPLot, you are already using an array of NSDictionary objects to store your data within the APYahooDataPuller, so it is trivial to persist them because an NSDictionary or an NSArray can be written to disk as a property list as long as it contains only property list objects (instances of NSData, NSDate, NSNumber, NSString, NSArray, or NSDictionary). The NSDecimalNumbers are subclasses of NSNumber, so you can store those with one caveat: they re going to get converted to floating point first, which will reduce their precision. For demonstration purposes, I ll just round them when reading them back in. The precision you lose might cause a graph line to move by a pixel, which isn t a big deal for this application. Let s add some caching methods to APYahooDataPuller. First you ll add a method called plistRep that returns a dictionary representation of the APYahooDataPuller s data. Then you ll add a method that writes that dictionary to a file, calling the built-in NSDictionary writeToFile:atomically: method. You should also take this opportunity to further modify APYahooDataPuller to better model your new strategy. Since you are caching the startDate and endDate values to disk and will need them for comparison later, you will want to add a few instance variables to track the dates you want from the server and also the symbol you re looking for, which may be different from those you re loading from the cache, and you ll also want to change the designated initializer accordingly. You should change the behavior with respect to notifying the delegate. Since you are caching financial data, it s possible that the target startDate, endDate, and symbol will match that which is already cached. If that is the case, you
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Step 1: Create the Client
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Task 1-4. Installing the MCMS-Customized Version of the IIS Lockdown Tool
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Now tap and hold in the Notes field. When you let go, you should see the Paste pop-up field. If you don t see it, then hold your finger down a bit longer until you do see it.
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Understanding securable items With RS you can secure resources to meet the requirements of your company. For example, say that you don t want your users to be able to view or modify Shared Data Sources. Table 9.3 lists the RS resources that can be secured through rolebased security.
Not very interesting, is it But that s the point. It s secure there s no easy way to get the data back. We ll take one final precaution. We don t want our secure string tampered with, so we ll make it read-only.
The Tag property is set to the enum value, and the click handler can cast it to an Operator value to use it. You ll be seeing the namespace references and the curly-brace notation over and over again throughout the rest of the book. It s so fundamental that we think it s worth emphasizing whenever we get the chance.
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We find it easier to drag the DLL from My Computer into the Command Prompt window.
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