c# barcode generator free Figure 12 18. The BigTop user interface in Objective-C

Include Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 12 18. The BigTop user interface

DataContractJsonSerializer with the type of object you want filled. All that s left is to pass the response stream into the ReadObject method of the DataContractJsonSerializer you just created. You access the data as you would with any other strongly typed .NET object. In the case of two well-known schemas, RSS and Atom, there s no need to deserialize the stream yourself. We ll look at these specialized classes, which make consuming published feeds easy and straightforward.
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Table 9.2 lists the six methods of the MetaWeblog API. Note that the MetaWeblog API is not a complete blogging API. It s meant to complement, not replace, the Blogger API. Most blog applications will need to use a mix of both APIs, as we do in the blog client library developed later in this chapter.
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This is convenient for casual scripting. We didn t need to create an error object or exception object the throw statement takes care of all of this. Unfortunately, the message you get isn t very informative. If you want to include a meaningful message, you can easily provide your own:
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CHAPTER 2: Hello, World
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la.Analyze("myemptyfile.txt"); //rest of test } } internal class StubLogger : ILogger { public void Log(string text) { //do nothing } } [TestFixture] public class ConfigurationManagerTests { [SetUp] public void Setup() Uses Setup() method { LoggingFacility.Logger = new StubLogger(); } [Test] public void Analyze_EmptyFile_ThrowsException() { ConfigurationManager cm = new ConfigurationManager(); bool configured = cm.IsConfigured("something"); //rest of test } }
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A Text String in Memory
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Indirect testing of state
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'' set the code for layer intCodes(0) = 8 '' set the value specified by user varCodeValues(0) = strName '' filter the objects objSS.Select acSelectionSetAll, , , intCodes, varCodeValues '' highlight the selected entities objSS.Highlight True '' pause for the user .Prompt vbCr & objSS.Count & " entities selected" .GetString False, vbLf & "Enter to continue " '' unhighlight the entities objSS.Highlight False End With Done: '' if the selection was created, delete it If Not objSS Is Nothing Then objSS.Delete End If End Sub When multiple filter codes are specified, they re implicitly combined using a logical AND operator. You can explicitly control how codes contribute to the selection criteria by using filter operators. The filter operators are designated by a special group code of 4 and special string keywords for the values. You use filter operators in pairs surrounding a number of filter codes known as operands. Table 12-4 lists the SelectionSet filter operators, their meanings, and the required number of operands. Table 12-4. SelectionSet Filter Operators
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Unlocking the secrets of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
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It works as desired. Now we can apply this to a larger problem. Analyzing word use in a document Given a body of text, we want to find the number of words in the text as well as the number of unique words, and then display the 10 most common words in the text. For our purposes, we ll use one of the PowerShell help text files: about_Assignment_operators.help.txt. This is not a particularly large file (it s around 17 kilobytes) so we can just load it into memory using the Get-Content (gc) cmdlet.
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CHAPTER 11: Unit Testing in Xcode
If you receive the Unable to pre-create directory for profile files error message, refer to Knowledge Base article 320930 at http://go.microsoft.com/ fwlink/ LinkID=18359.
See Portlets in Action by Ashish Sharin (Manning, estimated print date December 2010).
You have just seen how easy it is download music, videos, and podcasts from iTunes right to your iPhone. We have also shown you how to download iBooks from the iBooks store. It is just as easy to download new applications from Apple s amazing App Store. Apps are available for just about any function you can think of: games, productivity tools, social networking, and anything else you can imagine. As the advertising says, There s an app for that. In this chapter, you will learn how to navigate the App Store, as well as how to search for and download apps. You will also learn how to maintain and update your apps once they are downloaded onto your iPhone.
If you are pasting the text into the same Note or Mail message: 1. Use your finger to move the cursor to where you want to paste the text. Remember the Magnifying Glass trick (as we showed earlier in this chapter) to help you position the cursor. Once you let go of the screen, you should see a pop-up asking you to Select, Select All, or Paste. If you don t see this pop-up, then double-tap the screen. Select Paste to paste your selection.
Like CCNode, the CCScene and CCLayer classes have no visual representation and are used internally as abstract concepts for the starting point of the scene graph, which is always a CCScene-derived object. And CCLayer is typically used to group nodes together and to receive touch and accelerometer input if you enable it.
PowerShell features
The script starts by asking the user to set the timer to any number of minutes, and then in line 2, AppleScript takes the text the user typed in the dialog box and converts it to an integer. This integer will be the starting point of the script. Just like setting a real kitchen timer, the first thing you do is tell the timer how many minutes the timer has to be set to. Line 3 of the script talks directly to the Finder. The Finder is instructed to make a new folder with a specific name. You should note a couple of things regarding the syntax of that statement. One is that the Finder s tell block is compressed into one line. I was able to do that because I needed the Finder to do one task only. The second neat feature of this statement is that it obtains an alias value to the new folder (alias "Macintosh HD:Users:Hanaan:Desktop:Timer:"), not the usual Finder reference (folder "Timer2" of folder "Desktop" of folder "Hanaan" of folder "Users" of startup disk of application "Finder"). 14 contains a whole section dedicated to working with files, so for now I ll just add that getting an alias value to the folder you created allows you to change the name of the folder again and again, and the alias value will always remain accurate. Also notice the use of parentheses. Every expression is surrounded with parentheses to direct AppleScript to the order you would like the expressions executed in and to make the code easier for you to read. What comes next in the script is the main repeat loop starting at line 4 and ending on line 15. This outer repeat loop starts from the number of minutes and counts down to 0, stepping 1 step at a time. Actually, just like a real timer, the script starts counting from one second earlier than the requested time. To achieve this, the outer loop actually begins one minute earlier than the inner loop starts at 59 seconds. Lines 5 and 6 are where you take the current number of minutes and separate that number into hours and minutes. Here s how that s done, assuming for a second that 135 minutes are left: set hrs_left to 135 div 60 This statement will return 2, since 60 divides evenly two times in 135: set min_left to 135 mod 60 This statement will return 15, since after you fit 60 into 135 twice, you have a remainder of 15. These two statements repeat for each minute that passes, and they re followed by a handler call that adds a leading zero to the number of hours or minutes, if needed. The inner repeat loop starting on line 9 counts the seconds for each minute. It starts from 59, the number of remaining seconds in that minute, and ends at 0. Inside that inner loop, the seconds are being formatted with the pad_with_zero handler and then concatenated with the hours and minutes to form a single string that contains the time left formatted as you like it. I used a semicolon, but you can also use a period or dash, anything other that a colon, as the separator of choice for your time string; unfortunately, the Finder already reserves the colon character for its own use. Next, line 12 names the timer folder with the newly formed name, line 13 delays the script by a second, and then the entire process starts again. After the repeat loop has ended, the script constructs a reference to identify a random track in iTunes (some track of library playlist "library" of source 1) and then passes it to iTunes play command to tell iTunes to start playing a random track. (You can choose a different alert if you want.)
It precedes a hashtable s opening curly brace (see curly braces, above). When used before parentheses, it encloses a comma-separated list of values that form an array: $array = @(1,2,3,4). But both the @ sign and the parentheses are optional, because the shell will normally treat any comma-separated list as an array anyway. It denotes a here-string, which is a block of literal string text. A here-string starts with @" and ends with "@, and the closing mark must be on the beginning of a new line. Run help about_quoting_rules for more information and examples. Here-strings can also be defined using single quotes. It is PowerShell s splat operator. If you construct a hashtable where the keys match parameter names, and those values keys are the parameters values, then you can splat the hashtable to a cmdlet. The B# .NET Blog has a Windows PowerShell 2.0 Feature Focus Splat, Split and Join article that provides a good example of splatting (http://mng.bz/xV7h).
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