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PS (4) > [datetime] "1/1/2006" -gt [datetime] "1/1/2005" True PS (5) > [datetime] "1/1/2006" -gt [datetime] "2/1/2006" False PS (6) >
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Or touch Reset to reset the clock back to zero.
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[WebMethod] public XmlDocument GetReviews() { var dataContext = new LinqBooksDataContext(); var xml = new XElement("rss", new XAttribute("version", "2.0"), new XElement("channel", new XElement("title", "LinqBooks reviews"), from review in dataContext.Reviews select new XElement("item", new XElement("title", "Review of \""+review.BookObject.Title+"\" by "+
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private static void OnTextChanged(DependencyObject sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e) { LinkLabel label = (LinkLabel)sender; label.webLink.Inlines.Clear(); label.webLink.Inlines.Add(new Run(e.NewValue.ToString())); }
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Checking the value, we see that it s actually $null.
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var selectedBooks = from row in bookDataGridView.Rows.OfType<DataGridViewRow>() where (bool)row.Cells[0].EditedFormattedValue select (Book)row.DataBoundItem;
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Download at
Create an empty SharePoint project There are no out-of-the-box templates for creating Web Part projects, but Web Parts can be added to any SharePoint project in Visual Studio. For a simple Web Part project, you should start with the Empty SharePoint Project template. This template contains no items or Features when created. When you ve selected the template, give it the name WebPartsInAction.Ch3.WebPart1 and click OK to create the project. The SharePoint Customization wizard will start, just as with the Visual Web Part. The big difference here is that you can select which trust level you d like to use for your SharePoint solution the Visual Web Part only offered the option of creating fully trusted solutions. With the empty Web Part project, you can also choose to deploy your solution to the protected and monitored SharePoint sandbox process. This time you re going to deploy your solution to the sandbox. Begin by selecting Deploy As Sandboxed Solution, enter the name of the site to use for debugging, and click Finish. The Sandboxed Solution option in the SharePoint Customization wizard is set as the default option. This is an indication on how Microsoft wants us to develop SharePoint solutions and I agree that, whenever it s possible, the sandbox should be used. When building solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint Online, Sandboxed Web Parts is the only to go. You ll learn more about this as we move along in this book. Adding the Web Part to the project As I mentioned, when your empty SharePoint project is created, it doesn t contain any Features or items, just a Package. To add a Web Part, click Project > Add New Item and browse to the SharePoint > 2010 template folder. There, you need to select the Web Part project item and give it a name. Always try to add items using a meaningful name instead of the suggested name so you don t have to go through your files and classes renaming things. Name this Web Part item MyWebPart. Renaming an item can be quite painful because it can involve modifying several files and references. When you ve added the Web Part item to the project, Visual Studio will add the Web Part class, the Web Parts control description file (.webpart), and a Feature elements manifest file (elements.xml). These files are grouped together in the Solution Explorer. Visual Studio also adds a new Feature to your project, which references the project item that includes the elements.xml and the .webpart file that s connected to the Web Part, as you can see in figure 3.6. At any time, you can add more Web Parts or other items to the project as long as you don t violate the restrictions Visual Studio enforces when you use a sandbox-targeted project, which will be discussed in chapter 7. For instance, you can t add a Visual Web Part to this current project.
Set PageVisual
Task 9-23. Previewing a Page
support for posting to multiple blog servers. Carl has also used Ecto, an alternative to MarsEdit that runs on both Windows and Mac OS. Carl tracks his three vertical markets by doing a lot of reading and skimming. He subscribes to numerous journals and research services. He also watches online forums and blogs where customers and potential customers discuss FinModler products. Obviously, Carl can t read every single new research paper, news item, and discussion forum in each of his topic areas. But blog technology makes his job a lot easier. Each of the web sites Carl follows provides a newsfeed, an XML representation of the recent news items posted to the site. Carl uses a newsfeed reader called NetNewsWire (figure 1.2) to subscribe to and read newsfeeds from hundreds of web-based news sources. Thanks to his newsfeed reader, Carl doesn t have to visit the sites he is tracking. When a site is updated, the news
The example in Listing 3-9 showed some of the common attributes used in property definitions. Table 31 describes all of the property attributes that can be included in a @property directive. Multiple properties are seperated by commas.
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