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Figure 3-5. KRCC application showing available audio streams
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Listin g 2-2. Sign Bit Reinterpretation
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Though reversing the order of elements in pirates is interesting, it would be more helpful if we could reorder those by wins or losses. To do so, we d invoke sort() on pirates and pass a function value to do the reordering work. JavaScript will pass that function two elements from pirates yup, happens by magic and the function will then return -1 if the first element ought to come before the second element, 0 if there is a tie, and 1 if the second element ought to come before the first element. Though it s typical for the function to return -1 and 1, any negative or positive integer will do. The only return value set in stone is 0, which conveys a tie.
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in the MainForm.cs code window. 6 Modify the creation of the
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There are some advanced ways of taking content from your iPhone 4 and playing them on your TV or DVR with the right cable. You also need to have the right TV signal setting. This is typically changed only if you use your iPhone 4 in another country. If you live in the U.S., your TV works with the NTSC standard. Most European countries use PAL. If you are not sure which you use, contact your TV, cable, or satellite company.
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Listing 18.11 A very simple base class (J#)
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Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.UI.WebParts Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.UI.WebParts.ReportViewerWebPart
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Figure 18 8. Quickly viewing attachments by tapping them.
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class that holds the logger implementation we d like to override in our tests The ConfigurationManager class Another user of LoggingFacility, which we ll test later The LogAnalyzerTests class and method The initial test class and method we re going to write The StubLogger class An internal class that will replace the real logger implementation The ConfigurationManagerTests class A class that holds tests for ConfigurationManager
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