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Database Events Classes and Commands
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The birth and development of UNIX
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using System.Collections.Generic; namespace MvvmApplication.ViewModels { public class ViewModelLocator { private Dictionary<string, ViewModel> _viewModels = new Dictionary<string, ViewModel>(); public ViewModelLocator() { _viewModels.Add("EmployeeList", new EmployeeListViewModel()); _viewModels.Add("EmployeeDetail", new EmployeeViewModel()); } public ViewModel this[string viewName] { get { return _viewModels[viewName]; } } } }
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CHAPTER 4: Core iPhone Tools
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Input validation is a core requirement of almost every application with a TextBox. Though Silverlight contains a number of different approaches, evolved over the versions, these are at least structured ways to handle validation. For general Silverlight applications, exception-based validation is one of the easiest approaches to use. It s also very limited but, if your validation requirements aren t heavy, it can often handle the job.
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When you work with data on a regular basis, it s not uncommon to need to explore it. This is particularly true in the business intelligence and data warehousing field, because you may be dealing with new or changing data sources quite often. To work effectively with the data, you need to understand its profile both what the data looks like at the detail level and from a higher aggregate level. In the case of small sets of data, you may be able to get a picture of the data profile by reviewing the detail rows. For larger sets of data, this isn t practical, as there is too much information to easily hold in your head. Fortunately, SQL Server 2008 includes new functionality that makes this easier. The data profiling tools in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2008 include a Data Profiling task and a Data Profile Viewer. The Data Profiling task is a new task for SSIS 2008. It can help you understand large sets of data by offering a set of commonly needed data profiling options. The Data Profile Viewer is an application that can be used to review the output of the Data Profiling task. Over the course of this chapter, I ll introduce the Data Profiling task in the context of data warehousing and explain how it can be used to explore source data and how you can automate the use of the profile information in your extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to make decisions about your data.
As we did in listing 7.3, we begin by setting up our two data context objects B. We use two contexts for the purpose of this example to simulate two separate users. Each context manages the identity and change tracking services separately. In this example, we retrieve the subject that corresponds to a given Guid. In order to demonstrate the identity management, we fetch the same record from our database in two separate contexts. We also include logging C for each context to output the results to the console (or output) window to prove that we re actually requesting information from the database. We fetch the editingSubject from the first context and display the values in both the editingSubject and the database in the second context D. As shown in table 7.4, the output for both values should be identical. We then change the description on the editing subject, but we don t commit the change to the database E. At this point, the change is only retained in memory via the change tracking service of the context1 instance. Context2 has no knowledge of the change.
Two ways to bring up the Paste pop-up.
The following example shows how to implement this method. The user first picks a selection of objects to be moved and specifies the translation vector on the screen.
Set the version number of the application to 3.5. ADD A CONTEXT MENU Action 1 Add a ContextMenu object to the form in the MainForm.cs [Design] window.
Pragma comes from a Greek word meaning action. #pragma is a way to pass on information or instructions to compilers and code editors that are outside of the usual lines of Objective-C code. Pragmas are usually ignored, but they may have meaning to tools used in software development. If a tool does not understand a pragma, the tool should nod, smile, and ignore it, without generating a warning or an error.
Dim secondItem = rss...<item>(1)
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