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Listing 18.5 The main class of the console application (J#)
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Dealing with Generics
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Server consolidation and virtualization
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relationship in the NIB so that the instance variable will point to its connected object when the NIB document is loaded. Object pointers decorated with the IBOutlet keyword automatically appear as outlets in Interface Builder. The IBOutlet keyword can be placed before an instance variable or in a @property directive. Select the ScrapWordsController in the MainMenu NIB document and switch to the Connections Inspector. Interface Builder lists wordsController as an outlet of the object. To connect the outlet to the array controller object i.e., to set the instance variable to point to the address of the array controller object at runtime drag the outlet s connector to the Array Controller object and release the mouse button, as shown in Figure 4-11.
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Delivering Scripts to Other Sites
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Let s say we want to get a list of the processes running on our computer. This can be done easily thanks to the System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses API.
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Variable Names
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The lock statement provides exclusive access to a thread; see 31.
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Figure 1 17. Adjusting the volume on your iPhone or muting the phone ringer
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It empowers you to find any element within an HtmlDocument by referencing its unique identifier. If the element is found, an object-oriented version of the element, known as an HtmlElement, is returned. If the element isn t found, null will be returned. It finds all of the elements with a specified tag name. The results are returned as a collection of browser elements.
protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) { if (IsConnected()) { if (this._provider != null) { ScriptManager scriptManager = ScriptManager.GetCurrent(this.Page); if (scriptManager != null) { Register scriptManager.RegisterAsyncPostBackControl( asynchronous _provider.AsyncTrigger); postback control } this.RssFeedUrl = this._provider.Url; } else if (this._row != null) { this._row.GetRowData(getRowData); } else { this._parameters.GetParametersData(getParametersData); } } renderFeed();
using the DeleteDirectory method. But, before you can delete a directory, it needs to be created.
The Dashboard contains information about the current page and request. Figure 8.7 shows an example of how it might look. The Developer Dashboard has a border in green, yellow, or red. A red border means that some of the monitored metrics have excessive values or that one or more critical events are logged. A yellow border indicates that the request took more than one second, and green indicates that the page was most likely successful. On the left side are all monitored events and method calls, including their execution time. This call tree is useful when you re looking for performance bottlenecks. The right column contains more information about the current request, including the total execution time, correlation id, and all database queries. If you click on one of the database queries, you ll get even more information about them.
DispatcherOperation op = Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(DispatcherPriority.Normal, new WaitCallback(FinishLookup), str);
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