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Generating DataMatrix in Objective-C 11: Unit Testing in Xcode

Downloading Pictures from Web Sites
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Add a new button to the parent form similar to the tbbImages button in our MainForm toolbar. This will require a DropDownButton style of toolbar button, and a new internal method in MainForm to assign the display mode for the form.
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Building the lists
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Mastering the timeline
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Notice that initially the WriterSeqNum is one. At the point AcquireWriterLock executes, the value changes to 2. The method AnyWritersSince returns false until the second ReleaseWriterLock executes. This is due to the nesting of the write locks. Notice that there are two calls to AcquireWriterLock and two calls to ReleaseWriterLock. The second ReleaseWriterLock actually releases the lock and indicates that there has been a writer since the sequence number was acquired.
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Reporting Services (continued) shortcoming 34 software dependencies 4 top ten favorite features 33 vision 1 why it is needed 2 Reporting Services Web service 21 Reporting Services Windows Service 546 running scheduled tasks 221 ReportItem class 151 ReportItems collection 151 defined 151 limitations 154 ReportItems element 58 report-level parameter 92, 534 and custom dataset extension 530 creating manually 93 orphaned 93 removing 93 using for passing data 92 ReportMagic 577, 593 ReportName property 159 ReportParameter object 364 ReportParameters property 104 ReportRequest entity 465, 467 Reports table 581 Reports folder 46 Reports menu 103 ReportServer database 14 ReportServerTempDB 14 ReportServerUrl 159, 498 setting 243 ReportServerUrl setting 217, 556 ReportService.asmx 246, 317, 319 ReportServiceHttpHandler 301 ReportViewer and URL access 398 configuring 396 how it works 397 limitations 399 overview 396 server-side configurable options 396
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It s a simple technique, but makes a big difference in readability when we get to the AudioPlayer class, which receives this delegate message. One other reason to wrap AudioFileStream in an Objective-C wrapper is to narrow the API for our specific purposes. AudioFileStream contains a lot of functionality we don t use, so our wrapper can improve readability by not exposing those pieces. For example, our propertyCallback function receives notifications about many different properties, but we re only interested in a couple of them. By wrapping AudioFileStream in a wrapper, we simplify the API that its consumer must know and respond to. You may also notice that AudioFileStream contains a strange thing called a magic cookie. The magic cookie is an abstract concept introduced by the Core Audio API to represent data specific to a particular audio format that is required for decoding. It s an opaque structure for which you don t need to know specific detail. It s just important to know that AudioFileStream may generate a magic cookie, and if it does, it needs to be passed onto AudioQueue to enable proper decoding.
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NSModalPanelRunLoopMode NSEventTrackingRunLoopMode NSConnectionReplyMode
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While a complete and accurate description of the implementation of Cocoa Bindings is outside the scope of this book, it may be useful for you to get a fuller picture of how it uses KVC and KVO to do its work. Now that you ve gotten a brief intro into KVC and KVO, let s take a look at how these bits fit together. When you establish a binding in Interface Builder, like you ve done numerous times in this chapter already, you re actually defining a sort of contract. You re declaring that when this nib is loaded and these objects are set up, a sequence of events will occur to establish some KVO relationships between the objects, using a key path string (using KVC) to define which attribute is in focus for each binding, along with other information to identify which aspect (e.g. the displayed value, the enabled state, and the like) of the receiving end (typically a GUI control) should be affected by changes in the underlying value. At runtime, then, Cocoa will set things up so that the control (or any other object you ve established a binding on) will be set up to observe changes in the controller based on the relevant key, and the controller will be set up to observe changes in the control s chosen aspect.
And this is how you use it:
Java provides the transient keyword to mark instance variables that should not be included in the serialized data stream. In Objective-C, the solution is to simply ignore the property during encoding and decoding. Listing 12-7 shows a modified version of the ScheduledEvent class that includes a screen coordinate property that holds the position where the scheduled event was last displayed. This value is irrelevant when the event object is stored in a document, so it s omitted from the data stream.
For example, in the AwRsLibrary.GetForecastedSet method, we are outputting trace messages using System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine to display the observed and forecasted values. To see these messages when running the report inside VS .NET or Report Server, you can use Mark Russinovich s excellent DebugView tool, shown in figure 6.8. For more information about DebugView, see section 6.5.
used. However, if you are using SQL Server 2000, then any reference to SQL Server Management Studio can be interpreted to mean SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Also be aware, however, that some of the menu options differ between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000, so some alterations to the instructions may be necessary. In this chapter, you will also create a custom event report using Visual Studio 2005. Please be aware that this chapter is not a guide to using Visual Studio 2005. Experience with this product or a previous version is essential before attempting to create a custom MOM report.
Exception-based property validation
When we install the compiled DLL in a COM+ application, its object construction property is enabled and set to the value specified by the default parameter of the ConstructionEnabled attribute applied to the class. From within COM+, when an instance of an object is activated, its Construct method is executed and allows you to obtain the connection string (which is stored as a property that is external to the class s code). 9.5.1 SQL Server 2000 SSL SQL Server 2000 introduced a more secure way of handling connections: SSL. When you are communicating with SQL Server 2000, SSL ensures that the data that is sent back and forth is encrypted and remains confidential to each connection. SSL was introduced in SQL Server 2000 as an alternative for IPSec. Unlike IPSec, if your IP address changes for your SQL Server or on your client machine, you will not have to make any configuration changes from within SSL. SSL thus offers you a lot of flexibility when you are in an enterprise environment. If you want to use SSL to secure SQL Server 2000 connections, you need the following:
A great chart in Harbison and Steele s C: A Reference Manual summarizes these modes quite nicely. My version of the chart is found in Table 10-1. Before you read on, take a minute to look over the chart to be sure you understand the different file modes.
This example shows how to create a WriteableBitmap from an existing image that hasn t necessarily been loaded into an Image element onscreen. The convoluted loading scheme is required only because this file is a resource in the Silverlight project. If it s just a normal file on the server, you could ve passed the URI directly to the BitmapImage constructor.
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