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Earlier I discussed that global variables are visible to all handlers. Another way to make a value visible to any handler in the script is to assign it to a property. Properties are just what they say they are: pieces of information that describe different aspects of the script. Much like an application object that may have properties such as name and version, a script is an object that can have its own properties. As far as AppleScript is concerned, however, a property is just a variable you predefine in your script, with a wider scope than a local variable. Here are some examples of setting properties and global variables: property my_name : "Jane Smith" -- value set on same line property office_zip : "02906" global quit_now -- global variable declared first set quit_now to false -- value assigned later For instance, if you re creating a script that is responsible for backing up some files to the server, one of its properties may hold a value that identifies the destination folder for the backed-up files.
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Menu Actions
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To create an animation, you first select a single visual attribute of a single element. This item is guaranteed to have a data type associated with it. This data type will serve
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// remember 6 vertexes per particle + UVs vertexes = (CGFloat *) malloc(2 * 6 * kMaxParticles * sizeof(CGFloat)); uvCoordinates = (CGFloat *) malloc(2 * 6 * kMaxParticles * sizeof(CGFloat)); }
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appendix Database, connection, and data model setup
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Figure 4.13 DataGridView s smart tags
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technique, and then append a second directory listing to the end of the same file. That s the big part of this chapter: you can run commands, and many of the same commands that you ve used in Cmd.exe exist, although they may work a bit differently. That leaves us with most of an hour to kill, so let s dig a little deeper.
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Naming Methods
% heap [pid] % sudo heap 3186 | more Process 3186: 6 zones Zone CoreGraphicsDefaultZone_0x1671d0: Overall size: 256KB; 278 nodes malloced for 48KB (18% of capacity); largest unused: [0x001 7331e-207KB] Zone kCFAllocatorNull_0x701e6944: Overall size: 0KB Zone kCFAllocatorMalloc_0x701e6914: Overall size: 0KB Zone DefaultMallocZone_0x11f1d0: Overall size: 852KB; 6849 nodes malloced for 618KB (72% of capacity); largest unused: [0x01eed88 e-205KB] Zone Custom CFAllocator_0x701e698c: Overall size: 0KB Zone kCFAllocatorSystemDefault_0x701e6928: Overall size: 0KB All zones: 7127 nodes malloced - 666KB -------------------------------------------------------------------Zone DefaultMallocZone_0x11f1d0: 6849 nodes (632582 bytes) <not Objective C object> = 6424 (613064 bytes) NSMenuItem = 52 (4056 bytes) NSDynamicSystemColor = 29 (870 bytes) NSImage = 21 (630 bytes) NSBitmapImageRep = 20 (1240 bytes) NSMethodSignature = 20 (2280 bytes) NSPathStore2 = 15 (1474 bytes) NSMenu = 10 (300 bytes) NSCarbonMenuImpl = 10 (140 bytes) NSCachedWhiteColor = 9 (126 bytes) NSDistantObject = 3 (74 bytes) NSConcreteMutableData = 3 (90 bytes) NSWindowGraphicsContext = 3 (74 bytes) NSBundle = 2 (92 bytes) NSView = 2 (188 bytes)
ls command asks Unix to list the files and folders in the current directory. Here s what I saw
Escaping the sandbox elevated trust
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