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scope of what we ll cover in this book. The neat thing about the shell is that you can test almost all of these right at the command line (the exception is the one where I used the $_ placeholder it won t work by itself, but you ll see where it will work in just a moment).
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Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed
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BdcHelpers.ExecuteGenericInvoker(lobSystemInstance, entityName, "dbo.OrdersInserter", parameters); } catch (Exception exception) { lblError.Text = exception.ToString(); } }
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Although you can count the items in a record, you can t ask to see an item by index. Figure 6-16 shows the error you get when you try to get item 2 of a record.
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inside the main report. Because you want to nest the subreport inside the lstEmployeeSales region, make sure you drop the subreport into the recEmployee rectangle. Synchronizing the subreport with the master report Finally, you need to synchronize both reports by passing the required parameters to the subreport. You can set the subreport parameters by using the VS .NET Properties window. Alternatively, you can right-click on the subreport, choose Properties, and select the Parameters tab in the Subreport Properties dialog box, as shown in figure 4.41. In this example, for the @Date parameter of the subreport we pass the @EndDate parameter of the main report. We link the @EmployeeID subreport parameter to the EmployeeID field of the main report dataset. As a result, each time the main report initiates a new Employee group, it passes the EmployeeID to the subreport to display the summary data for that employee only. Set up all required subreport parameters carefully. If you miss some or set them up incorrectly, the subreport will not be shown. Instead, the subreport region will report an exception: Error: the subreport could not be shown.
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If your brain is starting to hurt now, that s OK. We ve been filling it up with a lot of new stuff, and assimilating all the terms and technology will take awhile. While your subconscious is chewing on the previous couple of sections, let s take a look at the rest of the code for Shapes-Object, including some new syntax for declaring classes.
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Now it s time to use our numbers table to create some dates. The query in listing 2 will add one month multiplied by the number in the numbers table to today s date and return the next 100 months, beginning with today s date.
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Improving SlowWorker a Second Time
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Another big function of subroutines, if not the biggest one, is reusing code. The idea is that a subroutine is a closed nugget of code that, given the expected parameters, will perform reliably and return the expected result. This won t be the same result every time, but it will be a result within the expected range. Once you have such a subroutine, even if it has been written for a specific purpose, you may find that you can reuse it elsewhere in the same script and in other scripts too. Another way to instantly know that a piece of a script will make a good subroutine is if you start copying chunks of script from one part of the script to another. If the same code, or similarly structured code, exists in more than one part of the script, you may want to consider turning it into a subroutine.
It should be clear why you require an ISession instance inside the AuditLogInterceptor. The interceptor has to create and persist AuditLogRecord objects, so a first attempt for the OnSave() method can have been the following routine:
SelectMany allows us to manage another sequence since it returns an IEnumerable(Of S), where S is the sequence. If we use the Select operator instead of SelectMany, we will get an IEnumerable(List(Of T)). This object is not composed of the sequence but of List(Of T) elements.
Unless you are saving your script as text, you can choose the Run Only save option to lock the contents of your script. Doing so will strip your script from the data, which would allow the script to be read by a script editor later. This feature may have severe consequences: if the locked script is the only version of your script, you will never gain access to it, other than for the purpose of running it. It is highly advised to save a copy of your scripts as text for backup, or you ll risk losing them.
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