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iTap Volume What's in This : And introduction to iTap and the main challenges we faced A discussion of WiFi networking on the iPhone, focused on the requirements of iTap and similar applications Auto-discovery of other WiFi devices. We look at both Bonjour and the proprietary solution of iTap. A few programming tricks, most notably using notifications to achieve better modularization Key Technologies: BSD networking API Core Foundation networking API Multicasting Notifications
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Neither option fits the event-driven programming model of iPhone applications very well. For sending datagrams, however, using sendto() (or write()) is an acceptable choice as long as the rate of datagrams is low enough for the network interface to keep up.
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Like the Kindle Reader, the Kobo Reader asks you first to sign in to your existing Kobo Books account. All of your existing Kobo Books will then be available for reading. Kobo uses a bookshelf approach, similar to iBooks. Tap the book cover for whichever book you wish to open. Or, touch the I m Reading tab to pick up with what you were reading last. You can also directly go to the Kobo store to purchase books by touching the Store tab.
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using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
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Since many of the core apps (Contacts, Mail, and Messages) are fully integrated, one app can easily trigger another. So, if you want to send an e-mail to one of your contacts, open the contact and tap the e-mail address. The Mail app will launch and you can compose and send an e-mail message to this person. Start your Contacts by touching the Contacts icon. Either search or flick through your contacts until you find the contact you need.
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We got the expected error.
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The classifier function presented here is an example of a relatively simple function putting little overhead on the logon process. It uses the SUSR_NAME() and APP_NAME() functions to classify incoming connections based on the username or application name. The full list of supported functions for classification purposes is as follows:
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Table 2.1 Contents of the User domain Name Desktop Documents Library Movies Music Description User-defined desktop items (programs, aliases, documents the user has placed on the Finder desktop) User documents Application resources User movie files User music files, such as mp3s
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Common LINQ to XML scenarios
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You can copy or move a resource gallery.
Upgrading solutions
12.5.3 Custom validation rules When you have a well-defined data model, the model will always protect itself. But, a well-defined model is often not the case. In fact, our DataTable is a good example of where making the model defend itself properly isn t realistically possible you can set up some simple constraints, but the DataTable has no facility for complex rules. In this situation, we need to provide some custom validation logic. We can do this by writing a custom ValidationRule. ValidationRules are simple. Like converters, ValidationRules take a data object, analyze it in some way, and return a result. The result object contains the result of the validation and, optionally, a description of what s wrong. Ideally, the description should tell the user exactly what s wrong with the input. For example, we allow the user to enter a URI. We might want to make sure that what the user enters is a valid URI. To do that, we d create a URI validation rule (listing 12.13).
= Sum(Fields!Sales.Value)
JOIN 86, 90 91, 93, 95, 97, 100 JOIN ON 753, 756 joins 561 Jump To Report 661, 668 just-in-time connection strategy 263, 276
public BDCField(SPFieldCollection fields, string typeName, string displayName) : base(fields, typeName, displayName) { } // Returns a WebControl as the field control's UI
The Position property represents a point, or location, within a MediaElement. This value can be read regardless of the CurrentState of the MediaElement, and it can be set if the MediaElement object s CanSeek property is true. The CanSeek property determines whether the Position can be programmatically changed. This read-only property is set when a media item is loaded into a MediaElement. If the referenced media item is being streamed, this property will be set to false. If the referenced media item is being downloaded progressively, the CanSeek property will be set to true. When the CanSeek property is set to true, you can set the Position property to any TimeSpan value. It s recommended that you use a TimeSpan within the NaturalDuration of a MediaElement. If you use a TimeSpan beyond the NaturalDuration, the MediaElement will jump to the end of the media item. The Position is an important part of any media item and so are the other common properties shared across audio and video files. These properties include NaturalDuration, CurrentState, CanPause, and AutoPlay. Additional properties are specific to the audio part of a media stream.
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