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Render DataMatrix in Objective-C Introducing Unit Testing

AppleScript will try to coerce values on its own when it sees fit. For example, when concatenating two values of different classes, AppleScript will try to coerce one or both operands to the same class before joining them. When concatenating a string and an integer, if the string comes first, then AppleScript will coerce the integer into a string as well before joining them: "July " & 15 Result: "July 15" In this statement, however, the integer comes first, so AppleScript coerces both values to single-item lists and joins those: 15 & " of July" Result: {15, " of July"} When concatenating a string value to a Unicode text value, the result will always be a Unicode text value (OS X 10.4 or later).
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Setup and teardown methods in unit tests can be abused to the point where the tests or the setup and teardown methods are unreadable. Usually the situation is worse in the setup method than the teardown method. Let s look at one possible abuse. If you have mocks and stubs being set up in a setup method, that means they don t get set up in the actual test. That, in turn, means that whoever is reading your test may not even
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Figure 6.6 The Feature can be localized using Feature local resource files.
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mean she did something meaningful with it. It s not a real functional requirement that s tested here. If I were doing a test review, I d say that this was not needed. Instead, you should test that something happened in response to the event being triggered. To test this scenario as part of a functional requirement, we could say that, upon getting the Load event, the presenter s production code will do something that we can see from our test (write to a log, for example). To get that something to happen, we need to find a way to trigger the event from within the stub object and see if the presenter does that action in response. That s what the next section is about.
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CHAPTER 26: Your iTunes User Guide
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Use whichever method works for you. The rest of this program is dedicated to various and sundry ways you can print your floating point numbers. So far, all of our programs have printed ints using the %d format specifier. The Standard Library has a set of format specifiers for all of C s built-in data types, including several for printing floating point numbers. The format specifer %f is used to print float and double variables and %Lf is used to print long double variables, all in their natural, decimal format.
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Because object layers are a different kind of layer, you can t get them via the layerNamed method of the tilemap. The object layer in cocos2d is the class CCTMXObjectGroup, another unfortunate naming mishap, since Tiled refers to it as an object layer, not an object group. In any case, you can get the CCTMXObjectGroup for the object layer named simply ObjectLayer by using the tilemap s objectGroupNamed method and specifying the object layer s name as defined in Tiled. Next, I iterate over the objectLayer.objects NSMutableArray, which contains a list of NSDictionary items. Sound familiar Yes, these are the same NSDictionary properties returned by the tilemap s propertiesForGID method, as shown earlier except that the contents of these NSDictionary items are given by Tiled and not user editable. They simply contain the coordinates for each rectangle. The method getRectFromObjectProperties returns the rectangle:
PS (2) > dump-doc c:\temp\fancy.xml <top BuiltBy = "Windows PowerShell"> <a pronounced = "eh"> one </a> <b pronounced = "bee"> two </b> <c one = "1"two = "2"three = "3"> <one> 1 </one> <two> 2 </two> <three> 3 </three> </c> <d> Hello there world </d> </top>
private void MainPage_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (Application.Current.HasElevatedPermissions) { Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true; } }
protected void menuNew_Click (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { if (this.CloseCurrentAlbum() == true) { // Make sure the window is redrawn this.Invalidate(); } } protected void menuOpen_Click (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { // Save the existing album, if necessary if (this.CloseCurrentAlbum() == false) { // Cancel this operation return; } OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog(); . . . }
Get-Process | Where-Object -filter { $_.Name -notlike 'powershell*' }
For the moment, let s restrict our focus to the main attributes you ll use with standard tables. We ll explore stored procedures, functions, and inheritance in chapter 8. Let s take a closer look at the Table, Column, and Association attributes. Table attribute The Table attribute serves as a starting point to bridge the gap between tables and objects. If we don t specify that our class is the representation for a table, any of the other attributes we set on the properties will be useless as there will be no way of knowing what table the class is related to. To indicate that a class named Author maps to the Author table, decorate the class with the Table attribute.
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