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Listing 5.23 Standard code used to execute and enumerate a LINQ query
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A file not found error A permission denied error The RPC server not found error that Get-WmiObject can produce Other errors related to network connectivity
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Each unplayed item will have a number here as well.
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as the first part of the name helps to keep you thinking in a structured way, encouraging you to keep a subroutine focused on one primary task or function. It also aids in sorting the subroutines when viewing them in a list. The Entity (or noun) is the item upon which the action will be taken. This can be something straightforward such as a folder or a file in the Finder or a record or a database in FileMaker Pro, or it can be something more complex such as a department (accounting). Although many people tend to want to put the action in the second place and the entity in the third place (delete folder rather than folder delete), I advise against that. Why Sorting a list by entity first and action second makes it far easier to locate the subroutine you want. The Action is the type of processing that will be undertaken on the Entity. The Attribute is an optional naming position that is reserved for identifying the attribute of the Entity that will be modified in a manner described by the Action. For example, you might say finderFolderSetName() to denote which of the folder s properties will be changed. The attribute can also be an item that is further down the hierarchical chain. For example, you might say finderFolderCreateFile() to indicate you are going to create a file within the folder. The file is not really an attribute of the folder exactly . . . but you can use this position in the naming formula this way. Here are some simple examples: filemakerFieldGetData() filemakerFieldSetData() filemakerRecordDelete() finderFolderDelete() finderFolderOpen() finderItemCopy() finderItemDelete() finderItemMove() Here are some more complex examples: calendarDatesCreate() clientDataParse()
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Agent to management server Management server to Operations database Reporting console to Reporting database Web console to management server MOM-to-MOM product connector destination to MOM-to-MOM product connector source Management group to management group
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Before we go any further, let s check our work by building and running our app. This won t quite work as-is, because we declared action methods in our header file but haven t defined them yet. Add the following methods to the .m file:
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The results are similar to what you d get using Write-Host, but the object took a very different path to get there. That path is important, because the pipeline could contain other things. For example, consider this command (which you re welcome to try):
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Listing 7.8 Using Exchange to assign a variable in a thread-safe way (VB.NET)
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"nutmeg", "cloves", "sesame seed", "pepper", "rosemary", "tarragon", "basil", "mace", "poppy seed", "lemon peel", "vanilla", "oregano", "allspice", "thyme" ]; var putTheKaiboshOn = true; var i = 0; if (spices[i] === "lemon peel") { putTheKaiboshOn = false; } else { i ++; while (i < spices.length) { if (spices[i] === "lemon peel") { putTheKaiboshOn = false; break; } i ++; } } (putTheKaiboshOn) "No can do!" : "Go right ahead!"; // "Go right ahead!" As Figure 4 12 illustrates, the while equivalent to our do while loop is much more verbose. Therefore, for circumstances where you want JavaScript to go down a path one or more times, it is much more elegant to control flow with do while rather than while. Many beginners shy away from do while. Don t be one of them!
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Figure 5.18 A dialog in English. Nothing to worry about.
CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
The final method we need for dealing with the mouse is mouseUp:, which lets us handle the release of the button. Like mouseDragged:, mouseUp: is always called on the view which originated the drag, which means that after the user clicks in our view, no matter where the user lets go of the mouse button, we will receive this message. All we do here is simply set the flags to indicate that nothing is being dragged.
operators and expressions, 509 Select Case, 512 strings, 509 Visual C++ and Visual Basic, comparison to C/C#, 513 Visual Studio .NET, 17 9 volatile keyword, 324, 326, 327 328, 419
int int } ;
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