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Listing 10.9 Requesting a report asynchronously
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The ListView and TreeView classes discussed in chapters 14 and 15 present a collection of objects within a single list or tree control. These are especially useful when creating an explorer-style interface such as our MyAlbumExplorer application, or the common Windows Explorer application. Another kind of interface is the multiple document interface, also called an MDI (normally pronounced em-dee-eye). An MDI application presents a collection of forms within a single application window. We will discuss MDI applications through the following discussion areas: Understanding various interface styles. Creating an MDI container window. Converting an SDI application into an MDI application. Using MDI-related class members of various controls. Merging two menus into a single merged menu. Managing menus and forms in an MDI application. These topics will be covered as we progress through the chapter, beginning with the concept of interface styles.
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The result is an XML document containing the greeting string returned by the service. Note the XML namespace name in the response. Also, the URL of the returned page is http://localhost/ws/helloservice1.asmx/Greet name=Joe+Bloggs. This is simply the URL of the virtual directory followed by the name of the file where the service resides, followed by the method name and arguments. This is the familiar URL string for a HTTP GET request. Next, we ll code a C# client program which also uses HTTP GET to invoke the service.
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Defines the method that is invoked in the ThreadPool
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As we discussed before, the Report Wizard will query the report catalog for this property and, if found, will show Step Parameters. There could be several approaches that you can use to handle custom parameters inside your applications. Which one will be most suitable will depend on your specific reporting requirements. I thought that it might be useful to share with you one possible design I have used in the past. Using a database-driven approach to handle parameters In this case, the parameter metadata is stored in the database. Figure 10.12 depicts what the database schema may look like. The design goals of the database-driven approach are as follows: Store the parameter metadata in a database. Define custom parameter data types. Allow the client application s user interface to self-configure based on the parameter metadata. THE ADVENTURE WORKS REPORT WIZARD 361
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// file : person.cs public class Person { public Person(string firstName, string lastName, int age) {
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Blocks until a message is received
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Because a set-based solution for the bin-packing problem is way too slow, even in cases that are limited enough that such a solution is even possible, we need to investigate other options. And the most obvious alternative is an iterative solution. Of all the possible strategies I investigated (see my blog for the details), I found that the best combination of speed and packing efficiency is attained by an algorithm that stays close to how I d pack a bunch of physical packages into physical bins: take a bin, keep adding packages to it until it overflows, then start with a new bin unless the overflowing package fits into one of the other already filled bins. Listing 5 shows the code to set up the tables and fill them with some randomly generated data, and listing 6 shows the T-SQL version of this algorithm.
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between, in, and not in. For example:
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% cat test.cgi #!/usr/bin/perl use Mac::PropertyList::SAX qw( parse_plist ); use CGI; my $q = CGI->new; print $q->header(); print $q->start_html('Your Title Here'); $r = $q->Dump; $r $r $r $r =~ =~ =~ =~ s/\</</g; s/\>/>/g; s/\"/\'/g; s/<br \/>//g;
// Contains an unnecessary calculation. int x = 10.09 int y = 1.99; float v[1000]; for (int i=0; i<1000; i++) { v[i] = x * y + i; } // Optimized. int z = 10.09 * 1.99; for (int i=0; i<1000; i++) { v[i] = z + i; }
var books = from amazonItem in amazonXml.Descendants(ns + "Item") let attributes = amazonItem.Element(ns + "ItemAttributes") select new Book { Isbn = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "ISBN"), Title = (string)attributes.Element(ns + "Title"), }; bookBindingSource.DataSource = books; }
$form.controls.addRange(($label,$ok,$cancel)) $form.Add_Shown({$form.Activate()}) $form.ShowDialog() }
we re sending to the database. Make sure to keep the order of the parameters in the method signature identical to the order in the parameter array. ExecuteMethodCall will return the return value from our stored procedure as part of its result. We check this ReturnValue, making sure to cast it to an integer F. In order to check for concurrency issues, we determine whether any records were updated. If not, we throw a ChangeConflictException so that our client code can handle the concurrency exception. This first implementation of UpdateAuthor does the dirty work of calling the stored procedure. If we want to automatically use this procedure in place of the run-time generated method whenever we update this table, we create a second method with a special signature as shown in listing 8.17.
In the implementation file, you only need to add the properties to be synthesized, and you will be all done with your new colored particle:
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