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In contrast, listing 1.13 shows how we would build the same document without LINQ to XML, using the XML DOM.
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Listing 8.9
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If you need to retrieve detailed information about errors, such as line numbers and filenames in the production environment, distribute your code using debug built files. You should never use debug builds in production unless necessary.
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You ll also notice that I added a Write-Debug to the inside of the If construct. I even added an Else portion to the construct, containing a third Write-Debug message. That way, no matter which way the If construct s logic goes, I ll see some output and know what s happening inside the script. If you re following along, you should have seen the following output (assuming you entered SERVER-R2 for the computer name):
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Apple Video Tutorials for iTunes
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System.DateTime or System.TimeSpan. Because they have different purposes, the choice should be easy.
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CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
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Finally, one thing that surprises some people is that strings are not terminated by a newline character. Strings can carry over multiple lines until a matching, closing quote is encountered:
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While I m here, you should also go ahead and get your project set up with the Three20 library in addition to the SystemConfiguration framework. Joe Hewitt has posted awesome instructions on how to add Three20 to a project. You will need to have Git available (downloadable from http://code.google.com/p/
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Design patterns and testability
Since Microsoft has released a free version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 called Express Edition, we can easily create an application that stores data using a database instead of XML files or some other data storage. In fact, SQL Server Express Edition can be distributed without limits, allowing us to install and use it even with desktop client applications. Focusing on that feature, a way to create a database on the fly could be really useful. LINQ to SQL provides a method of the DataContext class called CreateDatabase. Using the attributes specified in the entity classes, where each column is decorated with options such as column name, column database data type, and so on, LINQ is able to create a new database.
Caution This command deletes the source code associated with the macro. Be careful!
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