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Some delegate methods are expected while others are optional. The delegate must implement any expected delegate methods. The object using the delegate will send expected delegate messages to the delegate object unconditionally. If the delegate fails to implement them, an unrecognized selector exception will be thrown at runtime. Optional delegate methods are more common, and make the delegation pattern exceptionally flexible. The object sending the delegate message will first test to see if the delegate object responds to it. If it does, the delegate is sent the message. If not, the object falls back to using its baseline behavior. The delegate object is free to implement just those optional delegate methods that it requires. Optional delegate methods are particularly flexible because the delegate object only needs to implement those methods it wants, or needs, to affect. If a class defines 4 delegate methods, the delegate object has 15 different combinations of customizations available to it. Optional delegate methods also avoid the common Java practice of creating so-called Simple classes that implement default behavior for a set of
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The first parameter is the custom error message. The second is the severity (or level). Remember that 11 is the minimum severity that will cause a CATCH block to fire. The last parameter is the error state.
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Avoid putting tempdb on a RAID 5 I/O subsystem, because tempdb is subject to heavy writes, and RAID 5 often offers poor write performance. Instead, locate tempdb on a RAID 1 or RAID 10 I/O subsystem, which offer better write performance. If your SQL Server instance is storing data on a storage area network (SAN), consult with your SAN engineer to determine the best location for optimal performance. As a general rule of thumb on SANs, tempdb should be located on its own logical unit number (LUN) with its own dedicated drives.
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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
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This book is a compilation of a lot of great work by some really smart authors. They have focused and contributed their chapters based on areas of their expertise. You get to benefit from the years of their expertise; enjoy it! I am so impressed by the fine people at Apress. I believe their books are the finest on the market. Additionally, they are great to work with. I have made many friends. I would like to thank Admiral Clay Andres whose vision and ability to put together a talented team made this great book possible. He is actually not an Admiral, but should be. Our copy editor, Heather Lang, and development editor, Douglas Pundick, were so very helpful in making sure the quality of the book was what you would want. Special thanks to Laura Esterman and Dina Quan for managing the book production process when it needed it the most. Lastly I would like to thank Michelle Lowman for connecting Clay Andres and myself and giving me the privilege to be part of this great project. Gary Bennett
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Next, we see the managedObjectModel method. This method serves as the getter for the managedObjectModel property.
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This doesn t mean that it s impossible to perform grouping by multiple criteria in a query expression. The trick is to use an anonymous type to specify the members on which to perform the grouping. We know this may sound difficult and several options are possible, so we ll break it down into small examples. Let s consider that you want to group by publisher and subject. This would produce the following results for our sample data:
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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Figure 1 14. Screen Rotation Lock switch and Volume Up/Down keys and Home button
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To view your calendar, click the Cloud icon then the Calendar icon. Notice there are various buttons at the top for the calendar views: Day, Week, Month and List.
// for each particle, need 6 vertexes [self addVertex:(particle.position.x - particle.size) y:(particle.position.y particle.size) u:minU v:maxV]; [self addVertex:(particle.position.x + particle.size) y:(particle.position.y particle.size) u:maxU v:maxV]; [self addVertex:(particle.position.x - particle.size) y:(particle.position.y + particle.size) u:minU v:minV]; [self addVertex:(particle.position.x + particle.size) y:(particle.position.y particle.size) u:maxU v:maxV]; [self addVertex:(particle.position.x - particle.size) y:(particle.position.y + particle.size) u:minU v:minV]; [self addVertex:(particle.position.x + particle.size) y:(particle.position.y + particle.size) u:maxU v:minV];
After second for loop, i=5.
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