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Any errors in Get-WmiObject will be handled by the Try construct. Its Catch portion logs the failed computer name, which is a very specific action. In the event that some terminating exception occurs elsewhere, the shell will eventually find the Trap construct at the top of the script (even if it has to exit the function s scope to do so), and that will log a more generic error message. Right now, I think the only way the Trap would execute is if Get-WmiObject ran into a problem, and Out-File wasn t able to write to Errors.txt (perhaps because the file was marked as read only). In that case, the shell would have to execute the Trap construct but it would fail also, because it s trying to write to the same file! You might want to modify this script yourself to handle the top-level error in a different fashion.
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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Apple s iPhone SDK allows you to run and test iPhone and iPad applications on your Mac with the iPhone Simulator and the iPad Simulator. The primary purpose of the simulator is to let you more rapidly test your application because deployment to an iOS device takes longer and longer as your game gets bigger and bigger. Games in particular use a lot of images and other assets that need to be transferred, slowing down deployment. However, there are several caveats to using the simulator. The following sections reveal what the simulator does not allow you to do. For all these reasons, it is recommended that you test your game early and often on a device. At least after every major change or near the end of the day, you should run a test on your iOS device to verify that the game behaves exactly as intended.
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I started by considering the requirement at the most general level: what am I lacking at the moment Here were my first thoughts: I must record the client and the task that I am working on today. I must be able to check who I worked for and what I did on any day. I should know who owes me for work and how much. I should be able to keep track of my clients and their contact information. I could do with knowing how much to invoice any client. It could be useful to get a profile of my work across clients. I don t need to bill my time by the hour just by the day. I don t want an accounting system. Notice the language I used. Already, by thinking about the different degrees of my unmet needs, I am setting some priorities. You are probably familiar with Agile Development principles and may have come across the MoSCoW Method these provide a really good way to prioritize the requirements into some sort of priority (this rather tortured acronym stands for Must have, Should have, Could have, Won t have yet). It s worth describing the requirements of your program in these terms and, carefully done, this list should tell you where you should be focusing your efforts in creating the first iteration.
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the compiler reserves memory for the exclusive use of myVar.
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Additional information on the best practices covered in this chapter can be found online at http://www.sqlCrunch.com/HA. One of the benefits of database mirroring in SQL Server 2008 is the ability of mirror partners to exchange pages to recover from corruption, a topic we ll focus on in the next chapter.
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Methods are Sub procedures or functions that act on the object, such as rotating, offsetting, or moving it. Most AutoCAD objects contain a small number of methods. Also, many of the methods are the same for similar objects, such as all the graphical objects or all the nongraphical objects.
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// wait for thread to finish... t.Join(); Console.WriteLine("thread stopped."); } private static void startClock() { Console.WriteLine("running on new thread..."); for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { Thread.Sleep(1000); // tick every second Console.WriteLine("Tick!"); } } }
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If you plan on initializing a more complex variable, like an array, struct, or union, you ll use a slightly different form of initializer, embedding the elements used to initialize the variable between pairs of curly braces. Consider these two array declarations:
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Responding to Meeting Invitations from your iPad
Another great page (also referenced at the bottom of the Wikipedia page) is the detailed C Standard Library reference maintained by our friends at the University of Tasmania:
Figure 1.4 Performance Monitor during listing 1.9. The bumps correspond to the time between Created and Stopped.
When a user navigates the mouse cursor over a FrameworkElement, the cursor will change to indicate the type of action the user can take. For instance, when you hover around a Canvas, you ll see a basic arrow. Alternatively, if you move your mouse over a HyperLinkButton, you ll see a cursor that looks like a hand. But, you can use whatever cursor you want by setting the Cursor property; for example, using the Stylus cursor with a TextBlock:
Executing callbacks for parameter verification
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