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CHAPTER 14: Game Center
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You can also let others know about your availability during the scheduled event. You can choose your availability from the following options: Busy (default), Free, Tentative, or Out of Office. NOTE: You will only see the Availability field if the calendar you are using for this event is synced with the MobileMe, Exchange, or Exchange/Google settings.
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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You should find the Safari (web browser) icon on your Home Screen. Usually, the Safari icon is in the lower left of the Bottom Dock.
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The goal of capacity planning is to implement an installation that can handle your site s projected load. What is the business goal that you are trying to achieve What are users going to request and how many will visit the site What latency, in terms of response time, is acceptable How many contributors will be submitting content and under what conditions When you have finished your analysis, you should have the following tasks completed: Map the workflow of your personnel to MCMS publishing workflow. Identify managerial, authoring, administrative, development, design, review, and editorial roles. Assign development roles (moderator, resource manager, and template designer). Define the automated publishing process (development, content contribution, staging, testing, and production). Don t forget, administrators and content managers require training. MCMS 2002 administrative and user tutorials are available in the MCMS 2002 documentation. Capacity planning is also a dynamic activity; after your site is operational, monitoring performance helps you adjust to actual demand. In this subsection, we ll go over a capacity planning strategy that includes considering initial guidelines, testing the installation s response to load, and making long-term projections.
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Standard or Windows Integrated Local system Anonymous access (rights to write to AWCSpecialDeals.xml) Windows Integrated Application pool identity changed to a domain account (or member of Users for local machine testing) The Campaigner application pool identity mapped to the Browser role for the Sales Promotion report and SalesPromotion.xslt
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If you retrieved something by using Get-WmiObject, you ll take action on that something by using a WMI method. You can execute the method by using Invoke-WmiMethod or the ForEach-Object approach. If you retrieved something by using an approach other than Get-WmiObject, you ll use a native cmdlet to take action against that something. Or, if whatever you retrieved has a method but no supporting cmdlet, you might use the ForEach-Object approach to execute that method.
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.NET framework 62 network autosense 50 bandwidth 50, 241 configuring 50 data transmission 122 hubs 50 latency 243 NIC teaming 24, 50, 92 quality 247 saturation 255 switches 50 traffic 50 network-constrained systems 30 network protocols AppleTalk 99 Banyan Vines 99 Multiprotocol 99 Named Pipes 99 NWLink IPX/SPX 99 shared memory 99 TCP/IP 99 VIA 99 network-attached storage (NAS) 23 NewSequentialID() 290 NIC teaming 50 no majority. See failover clustering NO_CHECKSUM 210 node and disk majority. See failover clustering node and file share majority. See failover clustering noexpand 303 nonclustered index 262, 283 284, 290 291 non-uniform memory access (NUMA) 47 50, 146, 357 notify operator task (maintenance plans) 352 NTFS compression 35, 183 NUMA. See non-uniform memory access nvarchar(max) data type 178
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UNIX traditionally uses manual pages, or man pages, to document commands and tools. To view man pages, set the man path environment variable (MANPATH) to the location of your system s man pages, and the PAGER variable to the program you want to filter the pages (typically, more or less). In practice, the PAGER variable
Figure 5-30. The Responses tab of the Alert Rule Properties dialog After clicking the Add button and selecting Send a notification to a Notification Group, you will see Figure 5-31. From the dialog, you can select which notification group you want to send the e-mail or paged response to. You can also choose to create a new notification group or modify an existing one from here. Finally, this dialog displays a check box that reads Run this response before duplicate alert suppression. You use this option if you are using alert suppression on a rule, but would like the alert rule to process for every instance of an alert even those that have been suppressed.
If the default value of 395 days of data retention is not appropriate to your organization, it will be necessary to change the number of days of data that are retained in the SystemCenterReporting database. Unfortunately, there is no GUI to make this change, and the change needs to be accomplished using a SQL query executed against the SystemCenterReporting database. The following commands illustrate how to accomplish this. To set the number of days for data retention within the SystemCenterReporting Database, run the following SQL script, where the @Groomdays variable is the number of days to retain data. In this example, the data is retained for 180 days. --- Update the SystemCenterReporting data retention period Declare @Groomdays int --Retain data for 180 days Select @Groomdays=180 exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_SampledNumericDataFact_Table', @Groomdays exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_AlertFact_Table', @Groomdays exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_EventParameterFact_Table', @Groomdays exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_AlertToEventFact_Table', @Groomdays exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_EventFact_Table', @Groomdays exec p_updateGroomDays 'SC_AlertHistoryFact_Table', @Groomdays To check the current value for retention time, run the following SQL query: select cs.cs_tablename 'Table Name', wcs.wcs_groomdays 'Groom Days' from warehouseclassschema wcs join classschemas cs on cs.cs_classID = wcs.wcs_classID where cs.cs_tablename = 'SC_AlertFact_Table' and wcs.wcs_mustbegroomed = 1 Replace the table name with the table you want to check.
class Test { public static void Main() { Problem p = new Problem(); Thread t1 = new Thread(new ThreadStart(p.Process1)); Thread t2 = new Thread(new ThreadStart(p.Process2)); t1.Start(); t2.Start(); t1.Join(); t2.Join(); p.TestCurrent(); } } In this example, two threads are started: one that calls p.Process1() and another that calls p.Process2(). Figure 31-1 shows this process.
int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { struct DVDInfo myInfo; PrintDVD( myInfo ); }
return; } // Switch to a photograph view LoadPhotoData(album); } }
Working with images Creating images on the fly Deep Zoom Stretching content
CHAPTER 4: C Basics: Functions
To explicitly coerce a value from one class to another, use the as operator: "120" as integer Result: 120 set the_string to 75.5 as string Result: "75.5" (not true) as string Result: "false"
You may want to adjust the size of the button as we ve done before. Of course, we don t want the button to be like some blob on top of the picture; we want it to look pretty cool and show some of the underlying image. While still in the Image View Attributes window, scroll down and shift the Alpha slider to about 0.30.
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