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- (NSArray *) executeSql: (NSString *) sql withParameters: (NSArray *) _ parameters withClassForRow: (Class) rowClass
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Generate the certificate request Whether you are generating your own certificates or purchasing one from a CA, you must first generate a certificate request. This process allows you to specify information about your company, department, web server, and the bit length of the keys that are generated for the certificate. You begin this process by opening the IIS MMC snap-in to bring up the IIS Manager. If you expand the Web Sites folder and right-click on a web site (i.e., Default Web Site, not a virtual directory), click Properties, and select the Directory Security tab, you can generate a request for a server certificate by clicking the Server Certificate button. This launches the Web Server Certificate Wizard, which guides you through the process of creating and managing server certificates for your web server. If you have already installed a server certificate for your web server, you will be presented with options for managing (backing up and deleting) the existing certificate. Note that only one certificate can exist for a web site. The wizard first presents an introductory screen. Click Next to move to the first certification option screen, shown in figure 9.3. 220
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Subtracting '0' from any ASCII digit yields that digit s numerical counterpart. Though this is a great trick if you know you re working with ASCII, your code will fail if the digits of the current character set are not represented in the same way as they are in ASCII. For example, if you were on a machine that used a character set where the digits were sequenced from 1 to 9, followed by 0, the trick wouldn t work.
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Figure 6-6. Length of list Asking for the length property returns the same result as using the count command on the list: length of {1 ,2 ,3} = count items of {1 ,2 ,3} Result: true
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for the buttons. It wouldn t be easy, but it would be possible. In the next section, we will talk about the DockPanel. The DockPanel can be used to solve some of the same problems but in a different way. As with the StackPanel, the DockPanel, while flexible, is designed to handle a different set of scenarios.
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PS (1) > trap { "Got it!" } 1/$null Got it! Attempted to divide by zero. At line:1 char:30 + trap { "Got it!" ; break } 1/$ <<<< zero
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You should find the procedure text returned as expected, and if you are on a production system, don t forget to close the DAC connection when you are done with it!
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AutoCAD allows you to read, add, or modify a linetype s description using the Description property of the Linetype object. This property is a string that typically describes the linetype, often with a simplified symbolized version of the actual linetype. The following code snippet shows the Description property being set and retrieved: Dim objLineType As AcadLineType Dim strLineTypeDescription As String objLineType.Description = "Linetype Description: -.-.-." strLineTypeDescription = objLineType.Description The following example changes a Linetype description based on user input: Public Sub DescribeLinetype() On Error Resume Next Dim strLinetypeName As String Dim strLinetypeDescription As String Dim objLinetype As AcadLineType
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Table 3.6 The properties associated with the errorArgs parameter Description A numeric code associated with the error; this property can t be set A read-only description of the error The category of the error The name of the object that caused the error
Adding an extra management server provides a level of resilience, but it creates a single point of failure with the Operations database. Figure 1-3 shows the management group configuration with the addition of a clustered Operations database.
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