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TIP: If you just moved into a new neighborhood, it can be quite daunting to remember everyone s name. A good practice to follow is to add the word neighbor into the Company name field for every neighbor you meet. Then, to instantly call up all your neighbors, simply type the letters neigh to find everyone you ve met!
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The first option is rarely used except for quick testing and prototypes, but most applications need a fixed configuration file. Both the application configuration file and the hibernate.cfg.xml file provide the same function: to configure NHibernate. Which file you choose to use depends on your syntax preference. hibernate.cfg.xml is the filename chosen by convention. You can use any filename (such as NHibernate.config, because .config files are automatically protected by ASP.NET when deployed) and provide this filename to the Configure() method. It s even possible to mix both options and have different settings for development and deployment. A rarely used alternative option is to let the application provide an ADO.NET IDbConnection when it opens an NHibernate ISession from the SessionFactory (for example, by calling sessionFactory.OpenSession(myConnection)). Using this option means you don t have to specify any database-connection properties (the other properties are still required). We don t recommend this approach for new applications that can be configured to use the environment s database-connection infrastructure. Of all the configuration options, database-connection settings are the most important because, without them, NHibernate won t know how to correctly talk to the database.
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SolidColorBrush brush = (SolidColorBrush)XamlReader.Load( "<SolidColorBrush " + "xmlns=" + "'http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation'" + " Color='" + parts[0] + "' />"); double d; double.TryParse(parts[1], out d);
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provides support for the mobile view of Web Part pages as well as mobile Web Parts. These changes are mostly internal to the assembly but, in later chapters, when we focus on these components, you ll see how you can use some of these enhancements. One of the most notable changes is that the customization of a Web Part is versioned just as the Publishing Web Part page is versioned, which was not the case in earlier versions of SharePoint. This is an important improvement and it s crucial for you to be aware of it. If you roll back a page to a previous version, any changes to your Web Part customization will also be rolled back. The upside is that versioning makes it easier for you to experiment with customizations of a Web Part if you d like to go back to the original or working state, you just roll back the page. To improve security and to prevent injection of malicious code, the Web Part infrastructure includes cross-site scripting (XSS) protection. We ll discuss this protection mechanism further in chapter 7.
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Satimage is a French company that is responsible for the development of Smile, the free AppleScript script editor. Another tool Satimage developed and keeps on improving is a great set of text and math commands bundled in the Satimage scripting addition. My favorite two commands in the Satimage collection are the find text and format commands.
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In the absence of an index, SQL Server would have to search through the entire table looking for the rows that satisfy this query. Because we have created a nonclustered index on the Last_Name and First_Name columns, SQL Server can use that index to quickly navigate to the selected rows. Figure 1 shows the query execution plan for the query. In the figure, we can see that SQL Server used an Index Seek operation on the nonclustered index named ix_Customer_Name to locate the rows selected by the query. To retrieve the additional non-indexed columns (Email_Address), a Key Lookup was used for each row. The results were put together in a nested Loop join and returned to the client.
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[2004, 72, 89], [2003, 75, 87], [2002, 72, 89]]; var pirates2 = [[2001, 62, 100], [2000, 69, 93], [1999, 78, 83], [1998, 69, 93], [1997, 79, 83], [1996, 73, 89], [1995, 58, 86], [1994, 53, 61], [1993, 75, 87]]; var pirates = pirates1.concat(pirates2); console.dir(pirates[0]); console.dir(pirates[pirates.length - 1]);
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Building solutions for web application deployment Visual Studio 2010 by default doesn t help you with building partially trusted solutions that are targeted for web application deployment. You should start a project by creating a farm solution in the SharePoint Configuration wizard. By default Visual Studio configures your assembly to be registered in the GAC. To change the assembly deployment target, select the project in the Solution Explorer and then press F4 to open the Properties window. This window contains a property called Assembly Deployment Target, as shown in figure 7.6. By default, it s set to GlobalAssemblyCache, but to deploy it
b is the event handler called when the Text property changes on our object. Notice that it s a static method it has to be because the DependencyProperty is static. But, the specific instance whose Text property has changed is passed as the sender, which we can easily cast to be our LinkLabel c. The other thing passed to the handler is a DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs object that has, among other things, the old and new values of the property. At this point, we update the content of the Hyperlink to contain the new value of the property d. The Hyperlink makes us do this by updating its Inlines collection (which is part of the reason we decided we needed a custom control for LinkLabel in the first place). Note that we re accessing the private members of the LinkLabel here we can do that because we are a static inside the same class. The OnUriChanged() method e is pretty similar. But, we have to do a few extra things to turn the Uri string of LinkLabel into the Uri object of Hyperlink f. Notice that we re doing the conversion in a try/catch because, if the UI string isn t legal, an exception will be thrown. We re also setting the tooltip of the link to show the underlying URI g, or an error message if it isn t legal h. The last thing we need to do is handle the user clicking the link. You should already have a method defined called Hyperlink_RequestNavigate, so all we need is this one line:
Then drag and drop these items onto your device here.
Your new template is now available in the MCMS Template Explorer under the gallery. The logical Template object has been created. Next an ASPX page to lay out boilerplate text, controls, placeholders, and scripts needs to be implemented and associated with Template objects.
Color ShadowDepth Direction
PS (9) > $a.length 3 PS (10) > $a[4] = 22 Array assignment failed because index '4' was out of range. At line:1 char:4 + $a[4 <<<< ] = 22 PS (11) >
DIV elements
10. Finally, when your new cellular data plan is setup, you will see a pop-up message similar to this one.
If that were all Pixie did, it would be a little dull. However, there is more to it: you can change the size of the inspection window and set the magnification (Use the Magnify menu, or + and -, or use 1- 9). You can also lock the window using horizontal ( X), vertical ( Y), or both ( L) axes. Open up the Preferences window to see a wider range of options (see Figure 13 9).
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