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Figure 21.2 After 30 seconds, our timer automatically clears the text displayed by the application.
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If a stay-open droplet is launched by dragging files or folders onto it or by sending it an open command from another script, its open handler will be executed instead of its run handler. After the open handler has finished handling this initial event, the idle handler (if one exists) will be called. Additional files and folders can be dropped onto an already-running droplet; this will cause its open handler to execute again, allowing the new items to be processed.
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conversion. See conversion operators Count. See Count operator custom implementations 451 463 DefaultIfEmpty. See DefaultIfEmpty, query operator Distinct. See Distinct operator ForEach. See ForEach operator improvements 443 Join. See Join, query operator Lines. See Lines operator Max. See Max, operator; Max, query operator MaxElement. See MaxElement operator Min. See Min, query operator OfType. See OfType, operator OrderBy. See OrderBy operator OrderByDescending. See OrderByDescending, query operator projection. See projection, query operators Reverse. See Reverse, operator Select. See Select SelectMany. See SelectMany operator Skip. See Skip, query operator Sum. See Sum, query operator Take. See Take, query operator ToArray. See ToArray, query operator ToDictionary. See ToDictionary, query operator ToList. See ToList, query operator tracing execution 455 Where. See Where operator StartsWith 218 statement body 59 statement lambda 60 and VB.NET 186 statements, yield return 87 Step1.aspx 128 Step1.aspx.cs 128 Step2a.aspx 130 Step2a.aspx.cs 131
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4. In the Advanced Criteria window, configure the following, and click Add to List. This is shown in Figure 3-13. Field: Description Condition: contains substring Value: 5. Configure the following, click Add to List, and then click Close. This is shown in Figure 3-13. Field: Parameter 17 Condition: contains substring Value: DOWN
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Figure 19 8. Begin redeeming an iTunes gift card
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Sets Transform
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This chapter covers:
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CHAPTER 11: Shine On: Environment Mapping and Reflections with OpenGL ES
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This is the default event for this component, so simply double-click the timer in the component tray. 8 9 In this handler, increment the current album position. If the position is passed the end of the album, reset the slide show as follows: a. Modify the Stop button text to be Start. b. Reset the track bar value to zero. c. Invalidate the picture box to draw the initial photograph. d. Disable the timer. 10 If the position is at the end of the album, set the title bar to indicate the slide show is finished. Otherwise, for a valid album index: a. Invalidate the picture box to draw the next image. b. Set the track bar value to the current position. 12 Reassign the interval value to pick up any changes made by the user.
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Listing 2 Accessing SMO with PowerShell
Here is how we would have to use it if type inference weren t occurring:
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