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Listing 4.26 Query used to perform a left outer join (Joins.aspx.cs)
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12.2.1 Displaying your data
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using( ISession session = sessions.OpenSession() ) using( session.BeginTransaction() ) { ConcludeAuction(); session.Transaction.Commit(); }
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Constraints of the Data Profiling task
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When working with XML data, we often find that it needs to be transformed or manipulated in order to support our internal systems. This might be because of the way we need to present the data to our users or due to requirements of other systems within our infrastructure for the XML. No matter the reason, XML often needs to be transformed into alternate formats. Luckily, LINQ to XML provides an intuitive and powerful method for transforming XML that leverages its support for LINQ s standard query operators, its implementation of the LINQ to XML axis methods, and its support for functional construction.
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Mapping on your iPhone 4 is very convenient and pretty amazing. As we explore the power of the Maps app in this chapter, you ll see how to find your location on the map and get directions to just about anywhere. You ll learn how to change views between classic Map, Satellite, and Hybrid. You ll also see how, if you need to find out the best route, you can check out the traffic and construction view using Maps. If you want to find the closest pizza restaurant, golf course, or hotel to your destination, that s easy, too. And you can use Google s Street View right from your iPhone 4 to help you get to your destination. It is easy to add an address you have mapped to your contacts. There s also a digital compass feature that is fun to play with.
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< xml version="1.0" > <hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2" auto-import="true"> <class name="HelloNHibernate.Employee, HelloNHibernate" lazy="false"> <id name="id" access="field"> <generator class="native" /> </id> <property name="name" access="field" column="name"/> <many-to-one access="field" name="manager" column="manager" cascade="all"/> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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Figure 11 2. The new target in the Project Workspace window
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In addition to querying objects or arrays, invoking functions, doing math, gluing strings, and assigning values, operators provide a way to verify return values for expressions. Good thing other than literals, JavaScript expressions tend to evaluate to different values depending on what a visitor does or the browser they re doing it with. So there are many operators to help verify return values with. Those will prove invaluable in 4, where we ll explore controlling flow, and in the DOM chapters, where we ll test for features before trying to use them.
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Voice Control
void put(Map map, String key, Object value) { if (value != null) map.put(key, value); } void put(Map map, String[] keys, Object value) { if (value != null) for (int i=0; i<keys.length; i++) { map.put(keys[i], value); } } String parseAtomLink(URL baseURI, Element elem, Namespace ns) { String link = null; Iterator links = elem.getChildren("link", ns).iterator(); while (links.hasNext()) { Element linkElem = (Element) links.next(); String rel = linkElem.getAttributeValue("rel"); if (rel == null || rel.equals("alternate")) { link = resolveURI(baseURI, linkElem, linkElem.getAttributeValue("href")); break; } } return link; } String parseAtomContent(String name, Element elem, Namespace ns) { String value = null; Element contentElem = elem.getChild(name, ns); if (contentElem != null) { String type = contentElem.getAttributeValue("type"); if ("text".equals(type) || "html".equals(type)) { value = contentElem.getText(); } else if ("xhtml".equals(type)) { XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter(); value = outputter.outputString(contentElem.getChildren()); } else { value = elem.getChildText("title", ns); } } return value; }
Figure 3.7 Use Report Manager to set up the connection authentication settings that the Report Server will use to connect to the data source.
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11.4.1 Using a DataTemplate with a ContentControl
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