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Integration Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 9 1. Initial user-interface ideas

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Server B
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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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Listing 2.1 The predefined tabular report schema
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Table 9.1 Complementary LINQ to XML classes (continued) Class XProcessingInstruction Description Represents an XML processing instruction. A processing instruction is intended to convey information to an application that processes the XML. Allows elements to be streamed on input and output. The LINQ to XML text node classes. Text nodes are used when creating CData sections or working with mixed content
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C# Design Goals
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7. Edit the account information in the Select Users or Groups dialog box: Select the domain for the user account. Select the user account. 8. Select Add. 9. Save changes, and close the Select Users or Groups dialog box.
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If you know you are going to be out of wireless coverage for a while, such as on an airplane or in the subway, you will want to download the content for later, offline viewing or listening. Tap the Free button to change it to a Download button, and then tap it again. You can then monitor the download progress (some larger videos may take 10 minutes or more to complete) by tapping the Downloads button at the bottom right of the screen. When the download is complete, the item will show up in the correct area in your iPad icon. NOTE: Any file larger than 20MB cannot be downloaded over the 3G network; you must use Wi-Fi for larger files.
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The MediaElement enables you to interact with your users at specific points in time. This can be a great way to provide captions or subtitles in your videos. In addition, this feature enables you to deliver advertisements, or other types of information, that are
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Then, my plan called for verifying the user group in CheckAccess by using the IPrincipal.IsInRole() method and authorizing the user
In this case, the manual version check isn t difficult to implement. You take note of the version of the record that was loaded in the first request, and then you make sure it s the same when you decide to approve it in the second request. Despite its simplicity, this load-objects-on-each-request approach doesn t always fit the bill; you may consider one of the other approaches that we tackle in the next section. For example, this approach may not work in a more complex use case that has many relationships and related objects. It would be tedious to perform all the version checks manually for all objects that are to be updated. These manual version checks should be considered noise they implement a purely systemic concern not expressed in the business problem. Some would argue that the previous code snippet contains other unnecessary noise, too; you already retrieved the Item and User in previous requests. Is it necessary to reload them in each request It should be possible to simplify the control code to the following:
Those are the best known of the Xcode tools for program monitoring and analysis. Try them out you are almost certain to find a use for Instruments, but perhaps less likely to use the others, especially as many features from the other utilities are now available within Instruments. Actually, while making use of Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments, many developers never venture any deeper into the Xcode Developer Tools chest. And that s unfortunate, because there are some gems waiting there to be discovered (and to enhance your life as a developer, into the bargain). Follow me into the next chapter, and you will discover some of them for yourself.
Programming and caching for performance
15.2.3 Static dashboards The two dashboards you ve created are built as Web Part pages that users can further customize or personalize. In some cases you might prefer to deploy a static dashboard or page with connected Web Parts. Web Parts can be connected when they re static, but a static Web Part can t be connected to a dynamic Web Part. To create a static dashboard you basically have two options: lock down the Web Part zones of a dashboard page or deploy all Web Parts and connections as static. To lock down a Web Part zone for editing, you can use the Web Part zone attributes specified in table 15.1. The following Web Part zone would prohibit users from adding new Web Parts, personalizing the Web Parts, and making layout changes:
Twenty steps in one section. That might be a record. Note how we reset the sort order to None at the beginning of the handler. This ensures that the framework will re-sort the contents when we set the actual sort order a few lines later. Without this reset, the control will not invoke the comparer if the sort order is not a new value, such as when two different columns are clicked one after another. Compile and run to verify that this sorting works as advertised. Make sure you click the Size column to perform integer-based sorting. An example of such a sort in descending order is shown in figure 14.4.
19.2 Modularizing: one task, one function
current database; otherwise, the checks are run against the specified database. NOINDEX When specified, nonclustered indexes aren t checked, reducing overall execution time. We ll cover clustered and nonclustered indexes in the next chapter. REPAIR options If corruption is found, and no appropriate backups exist (a worst-case scenario), the repair options can be used as a last resort in removing database corruption. We ll cover the implications and details of these options later in the chapter. ALL_ERRORMSGS If this option is excluded, CHECKDB displays only the first 200 errors for each object. Even if this option is included, SQL Server Management Studio displays the first 1,000 errors only. So for a complete list of errors, run CHECKDB with this option using either the sqlCmd utility or as a SQL Agent job with output directed to a file for later analysis. EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS When run against SQL Server 2008 databases (compatibility level 100), this option will perform logical consistency checks against spatial and XML indexes as well as indexed views. NO_INFOMSGS This option excludes informational messages from the output. When executed with this option, a successful CHECKDB will simply return Command(s) completed successfully; otherwise, messages will be returned for each object such as There are 19118 rows in 187 pages for object "Sales.CreditCard . TABLOCK When executed with this option, CHECKDB will use table locks rather than an internal snapshot. For databases under heavy transaction load, this option usually results in a faster execution time at the expense of lower concurrency. Note that this option will preclude service broker and CHECKCATALOG checks from being run. ESTIMATE_ONLY This option estimates the amount of tempdb space required to run the DBCC command (without actually running it) and can be used to ensure the tempdb database is large enough and/or has access to enough free disk space for the CHECKDB operation.
A high level of context switching is an indication of system load. A system that is switching excessively is said to be thrashing. The implication is that the processor is spending a great deal of time switching between threads and not performing as much work as if it were switching less frequently. High levels of context switching are generally associated with a shared resource being overutilized. When a resource isn t available, the OS pauses the thread that s requesting it. This allows other threads, which most likely aren t waiting for a resource, to execute. One way that a context switch occurs is when a thread indicates that it has finished processing and that some other thread should be given the remainder of its time. This is accomplished using the Sleep method of the Thread class. We ll discuss this in greater detail in section 5.3, but for now think of Sleep as a way for a thread to let the OS know that it would like to be idle for some period of time. The idea is that the thread detects that it should pause for a small amount of time to allow other things to happen. For example, if a thread is tasked with keeping a queue empty, it might pause periodically to allow multiple entries to be entered into the queue. Sleep accepts several different types of parameters. One version of Sleep accepts an Integer indicating how many milliseconds the thread would like to be idle. If zero is passed in, it indicates that the thread wishes to yield the remainder of its time slice and continue executing on the next available time slice. This causes a context switch to occur. Listing 1.14 contains a class that uses a thread pool to execute a method on a different thread. The method continues to execute until changing the value of a Boolean flag stops it. The method calls Sleep with zero, which forces the thread to release the remainder of the current time slice to the operating system, forcing a context switch.
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