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This causes any escape sequences within the string to be ignored. In C# both the string and char types use 2-byte Unicode characters. There are no global variables in C#. Therefore, all variables are either member variables of a class or struct, or they are local variables created within the scope of a method. A.2.3 Constants C# provides the const modifier which can be used in front of a declaration to create program constants:
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The Developer Dashboard
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Tiled uses four modes for editing the tilemap, indicated by the four rightmost icons on the toolbar. They are Stamp Brush (hotkey B), which allows you to draw the current selection in the tileset; Bucket Fill (hotkey F), which fills areas of connected, identical tiles; Eraser (hotkey E), which erases tiles; and Rectangular Select (hotkey R), with which you can select a range of tiles and then copy and paste the selection. You ll spend most of your time picking a tile from the tileset and drawing it onto the tilemap with the Stamp Brush selected. Placing tile by tile you ll create your tile-based game world. You can also edit tiles in multiple layers by adding more layers in the Layers view. From the menu, choose Layer Add Tile Layer to create a new layer for tiles. Using multiple tile layers allows you to switch out areas of the tilemap in cocos2d. In the TileMap01 example project, I m using it to switch parts of the map between winter and summer.
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Use the Report Parameters dialog box to set up the report parameters.
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CREATE PROCEDURE list_search_four @wild varchar(80) AS DECLARE @list1 varbinary(MAX), @list2 varbinary(MAX) DECLARE @wildfrags TABLE (frag char(3) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY) INSERT @wildfrags(frag) SELECT frag FROM wordfragments(@wild) ; WITH numbered_frags AS ( SELECT person_list, rowno = row_number() OVER(ORDER BY no_of_entries) FROM fragments_personlists WHERE fragment IN (SELECT frag FROM @wildfrags) ) SELECT @list1 = MIN(person_list), @list2 = MAX(person_list) FROM numbered_frags WHERE rowno <= 2 SELECT FROM WHERE AND person_id, first_name, last_name, birth_date, email persons p patindex('%' + @wild + '%', email) > 0 EXISTS (SELECT * FROM binlist_to_table_m2(@list1) b WHERE b.n = p.person_id) EXISTS (SELECT * FROM binlist_to_table_m2(@list2) b WHERE b.n = p.person_id)
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Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
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Only dialog box commands that include the default answer parameter will have the text returned property in the dialog reply record. Later in the Validating User-Entered Text section, you will learn different ways to validate the text that users enter.
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The DataContext is the two-way channel by which LINQ queries the database and the results are turned into objects. Figure 2-2 shows the output of the code in Listing 2-2.
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If you get these keystrokes into your head and under your fingers, you can make small cursor movements and editing operations much faster not just in Xcode.
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Figure 22.12 Adding the Blend SDK assemblies as references. On my machine, the Microsoft. Expression.Interactions library and the System.Windows.Interactivity library were both located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Expression\Blend\Silverlight\v4.0\Libraries\.
The WaitHandle abstract class provides a simple way to wait for an event to occur.3 In addition to waiting for a single event to occur, it can be used to wait for more than one event and return when one or all of them occur. The AutoResetEvent and ManualResetEvent classes derive from WaitHandle. The AutoResetEvent will release only a single thread when the Set() function is called and will then reset. The ManualResetEvent may release many threads from a single call to Set() and must be cleared by calling Reset(). You can modify the previous example to use an AutoResetEvent to signal when an event is complete and to wait for more than one thread to complete: using System; using System.Threading; class ThreadSleeper { int seconds; AutoResetEvent napDone = new AutoResetEvent(false); private ThreadSleeper(int seconds) { this.seconds = seconds; } public void Nap() { Console.WriteLine("Napping {0} seconds", seconds); Thread.Sleep(seconds * 1000); Console.WriteLine("{0} second nap finished", seconds); napDone.Set(); }
This chapter finally introduced scripting and programming in general in PowerShell. While there was a lot of material, the following are the key points: PowerShell programming can be done either with functions or scripts. Functions are created using the function keyword, whereas scripts are simply pieces of PowerShell script text stored in a file. In PowerShell, scripts and functions are closely related. The same principles and techniques apply to both.
Settings Property (Name) Text Value menuView &View
Troubleshooting deadlocks isn t the nicest (or easiest) task for a DBA; however, SQL Profiler makes it much simpler. In demonstrating this, consider listing 14.1, which contains a simple T-SQL batch file. When a second instance of this batch file is executed within 10 seconds of the first (from a separate connection/query window), a deadlock will occur, with the second query chosen as the deadlock victim and killed by SQL Server.
Figure 9-9. A complex expression that includes several not, and, and or operations validates a usersupplied e-mail address. Notice that the conditional statement starts like this: if not... Everything after the not operator is in parentheses. If the expression in the parentheses ultimately evaluates as true, the not operator will reverse this value to false. This means the if statement s test condition is not met, in which case it evaluates the code after the else keyword that ends the loop. If the e-mail isn t valid, the test condition evaluates as true, and the user is told to try again.
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