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Listing 11.6 XML literals template for building RSS
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we want Apple to take care of mutability, but that we want to retain control of the memory. Later, we will synthesize these commands in the implementation file, for both IBOutlets. IBOutlets Remember them Oh yeah let s return to that part of your program. The IBOutlet for the text is UILabel with pointer *label, so enter the code for the text:
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Using a syntax similar to that of object initializers, we can create anonymous types. They are usually used to group data into an object without first declaring a new class. We ll start this section by demonstrating how to use anonymous types in our example. We ll then show you how anonymous types are real types, and point out some of their limitations.
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static constructors, 503 strings, 506 unsafe code, 506 value and reference types, 502 virtual functions, hiding, and versioning, 503 504 lack of pointers, 497 lack of runtime libraries, 498 managed environment, 497 .NET objects, 498 overview, 497 statements, 498 use of exception handling, 498 use of iterators, 499 use of nullable types, 499 versioning, 499 Visual Basic, 6, 507 arrays, 509 classes, types, functions and interfaces, 510 code appearance, 507 508 control and program flow, 510 conversions, 508 509 data types and variables, 508 Do loops, 511 For Each loops, 511 On Error, 512 functions, 510 If Then, 510 For loops, 511 missing statements, 512 operators and expressions, 509 Select Case, 512 strings, 509 Visual C++ and Visual Basic, 513 projects, Visual Studio .NET, 18 properties accessibility of, 175 176 accessors, 169, 169 170 and inheritance, modifiers, 170 overview, 16, 169 property, StringBuilder class, 160 property use example program, 170 171 example program demonstrating accessibility, 175 176 example program demonstrating efficiency, 175
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4.6.7 malloc_history: showing malloc allocations that a process has performed
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Avoiding Unneeded Conditional Statements
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To take advantage of asynchronous delegate execution, we need a delegate to associate with the method we wish to execute. The DoStuff delegate is private to the ClassCat class. We need an instance of the DoStuff delegate to utilize. The async private data member is used to store the reference to the instance. The public method Go is used to create an instance of the DoStuff delegate. Part of the creation process is to associate the delegate with a method to execute. Visual Basic uses the AddressOf keyword to differentiate between a method and a reference to that method. Once the async variable contains a reference to a new DoStuff delegate, we can use the BeginInvoke method to start the asynchronous execution of the DoCatStuff method. Listing 3.3 contains code of the main module that utilizes the ClassCat class.
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The BLOB cache caches the items in the file system and the path is specified using the location attribute. I strongly recommend that you store the BLOB cache on a separate disk for optimal performance. The path attribute specifies a regular expression that contains the extensions of the files to cache. The BLOB cache will store up to maxSize gigabytes (GB) of data in the cache. To enable the BLOB cache for the web application, set the enabled attribute to true. By default the BLOB cache only caches the items on the server to reduce database load. If you d like to enable caching of these objects on the client side, you need to add the max-age attribute. This attribute contains a numeric value that represents the number of seconds that the item should be cached on the client side. The BLOB cache is probably the most efficient and easy way to enable caching of content in your SharePoint site and you should consider using it in all your projects. Remember that the setting is per web application.
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Everyone into the Pool!
The following changes to identity range management for merge publications have been introduced in SQL Server 2005: Range allocation is automatic. In SQL Server 2005 merge publications, the article identity range management is set to automatic by default. In SQL Server 2000, the default identity range management was manual. What is the difference Automatic range management ensures that each subscriber is reseeded with its own identity ranges without any extra configuration, whereas manual means that you will need to change either the seed or the increment of the identity range on each subscriber to avoid conflicts with the publisher. If you previously relied on leaving this article property alone and chose to manually administer the identity range, beware because a range of 1,000 values will have already been allocated to each of your subscribers. Default range sizes have increased. The publisher range has changed from 100 to 10,000, and the subscriber range size has increased from 100 to 1,000. Overflow range is allocated. The merge trigger code on the published article implements an overflow range that is the same size as the normal range. This means that by default you will have two ranges of 1,000 values allocated to a subscriber. The clever part is that the overflow range is automatically allocated by the merge insert trigger and therefore doesn t require a connection to the publisher. However, the reseeding performed in the trigger is restricted to those cases where a member of the db_owner role does the insert. The threshold parameter is no longer used. Although it appears in the article properties dialog box much the same as in SQL Server 2000, the threshold parameter only applies to subscribers running SQL Server Mobile or previous versions of SQL Server.
You can check for updated software and install updated operating system (OS) software using iTunes. NOTE: Do this update when you won t mind being without your iPad for 30 minutes or more. Updating your iPad OS could take quite a while, depending on how much information you have stored on your computer (since it has to be backed up and then restored after the OS update), the speed of your computer s Internet connection (to download the latest iPad OS), and the overall speed of your computer. Normally your iTunes will automatically check for updates on a set schedule, about every two weeks. You can see from Figure 3 41 that this iTunes will check for updated software on 5/5/2010. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Start iTunes software. Connect your iPad to your computer. Click on your iPad listed under DEVICES in the left nav bar. Click on the Summary tab in the top nav bar. Click the Check for Update button in the center of the screen in the Version section.
Advanced data templates and binding
Let s quickly review: you know that PowerShell cmdlets produce objects, and that those objects often contain more properties than PowerShell shows by default. You know how to use Gm to get a list of all of an object s properties, and you know how to use Select-Object to specify the properties you want to see. Up to now, you ve relied on PowerShell s default configuration and rules to determine how the final output will appear on the screen (or in a file, or in hardcopy form). In this chapter, you ll learn to override those defaults and create your own formatting for your commands output.
Main Mailboxes screen. Tap All Inboxes to see the unified inbox. Tap any other account to see just that inbox. Scroll down to see your Accounts.
Writing real-world domain models
staticNSString *CellIdentifier = @"Ce l"; UITableViewCell *cell = [tableViewdequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:CellIdentifier]; if (cell == nil) { cell = [[[UITableViewCellalloc] initWithStyle:UITableViewCellStyleDefaultreuseIdentifier:CellIdentifier] autorelease]; }
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