Figure 8-12. Using make install to generate the docset in Objective-C

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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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Table 3.5
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Using Local Variables
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Note in figure 8.18 the other functions available. Directly above ExecuteWql() is ExecuteSql(), which you can use to run a traditional T-SQL query. In a similar manner to ExecuteWql(), this function can run any T-SQL code, and can therefore be used to create flexible and powerful policies. When using the ExecuteSql() function, you must keep in mind a few things. First, the value returned needs to be something that can be evaluated in the condition editor. For example, you can use a case statement to return a single numeric value and compare that to an expected value in the condition editor.
Figure 9.6 The author s predictions for the role of clouds vs. non-cloud-based computing over the next 20 years. Today, less than 3% of computing is done via clouds. Twenty years from now, public clouds will be the dominant approach for corporate IT services. Private clouds, which will initially grow to more than 35% of all IT, will shrink back to under 25%; internal clouds will all but disappear; and the remaining percentage of do-it-yourself IT (such as corporations with their own data centers) will be only 10%.
Figure 12-2. The dialog box resulting from the basic display dialog command
Listing 10.22 The XML to be transformed
Let s run two range queries as in listing 3, and then see the execution plans.
+ (id)GratefuldeadParser; // this creates it - (void)getGratefuldeadData; // this activates it
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