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By ordering the results descending on the usageDiff column, this script identifies indexes with the biggest differential between their read and write counts. In the extreme cases where indexReads is zero, the index is being maintained for no read benefits at all. Note that the previous script filters for nonclustered indexes. We can remove this condition to display information on the base table/clustered index as well, including the last accessed stats to display when a table was last used in any capacity. The result of this script, run against the AdventureWorks database, is shown in figure 13.13. Note that negative values for usageDiff represent cases where the index has been used for read purposes more than for updates.
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I ve cut out most of the middle of this output so that you can easily find the ConvertFromDateTime() and ConvertToDateTime() methods. In this case, what we start with is a WMI date and time, and we want to convert to a normal date and time, so we d do it like this:
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To understand what this expression evaluates to, recall that we have two row groups defined in the matrix region: rowTerritory and rowEmployee.InScope ("rowTerritory") always returns true, because the sales territory represents the outermost row grouping. InScope("rowEmployee") returns false if the Employee row group is collapsed and true otherwise. InScope() allows you to determine which row or column group has been expanded and react accordingly. Using hyperlinks to implement web-style paging With a bit of creativity and programming effort, you can use links in your reports to implement various custom actions. For example, say you have a large report that takes a very long time to execute and displays hundreds of records. To improve the user experience, you may want to implement custom paging similar to the familiar webbased application-paging concept. The report could retrieve the report data in chunks, for example, a hundred records at a time. At the end of the report, you can add a textbox with the text Next page . You can make the textbox clickable by defining a link that will point to the same report. You can use an expression for the link URL to remember the current selection criteria and send it back to the report when a new page is requested. 5.4.2 Reports with document maps When reports become large, and they often do, it becomes difficult to navigate through them and find the right information easily. For example, suppose that Adventure Works Cycles would like to expose its product catalog report online. This strategy could be beneficial for several reasons: Customers and salespersons would be able to access the company product catalog over the Internet. The catalog would always contain the up-to-date product information. Exposing the product catalog as a report would save substantial time compared with authoring it and maintaining it using web pages, not to mention that the users would be able to export the product catalog to one of the many supported formats. One potential implementation area of concern is that the product catalog may include hundreds of products and the user may not be able to find the information of 178
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Display child window
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Listing 13.10 A custom validation function with ValidationContext
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Listing 11.6 is the loaddboOrders method, which uses the identifier along with the specific finder method to populate the textbox controls, allowing the data to be changed in the web part s user interface.
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- (float) calculateAngle:(NSArray*)twoTouches { NSParameterAssert([twoTouches count]==2); UITouch* firstTouch = [twoTouches objectAtIndex:0]; UITouch* secondTouch = [twoTouches objectAtIndex:1];
Insert SSN: 115-445-9807
Converts values
Explicitly Creating Wrappers
Iterate through the array of selected files. Add each image to the album if it is not already present.
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