8: Xcode Documentation in Objective-C

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In order to create the second image, which we ll call the top layer, copy the background layer photo. Then crop this copy to create an image with these exact dimensions: 320 299 pixels. Yes, I know the height is a strange number trust me! Now you have a roughly square copy of the bottom two-thirds of your background photo. Next, paste onto this a partial image probably a cut-out of some interesting or unusual object. This will yield something like the image in (Figure 5 3): Kera Lewis, in front of the background scene. This modified top layer will, of course, be saved as a .png file.
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ASP.NET functionality, you can use any ASP.NET-compatible control for the user interface. For example, if you decide to expand the extension to allow the user to specify the report s format, you can use a drop-down control that contains the supported export formats. Each control gets its default value by calling the GetValue private member. To retrieve the configuration settings defined in RSReportServer.config, GetValue accesses the ISubscriptionBaseUIUserControl.ReportServerInformation.ServerSettings. This call triggers the invocation of IExtension.SetConfiguration by the Report Manager to pass the server-side configuration settings in XML. The ServerSide property exposes them as an array of Settings objects. The code iterates through this array to find the setting that corresponds to the textbox. At this point, the web control is rendered on the screen. Once the user posts the page back to the server, the Report Manager calls the ISubscriptionBaseUIUserControl.UserData property to pass the userentered values. Finally, the Report Manager calls IDeliveryExtension.ValidateUserData to give the control a chance to inspect the user-entered values and throws an exception if they are not valid. If everything is fine, the Report Manager calls to the Report Server Web service API to persist the subscription configuration in the Report Server database.
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private void InitializeComponent() { // Changes to configure the application with a horizontal splitter // ( not part of our final application ) . . . this.listViewMain.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill; . . . this.treeViewMain.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Top; this.treeViewMain.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(392, 100); . . . // // splitter1 // this.splitter1.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Top; this.splitter1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(100, 0); this.splitter1.MinExtra = 100; this.splitter1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(392, 3); . . . }
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You ll need to create (design and code) a logon page for either or both the MCMS Web Author and (Office) Authoring Connector.
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ASP .NET PerformancePoint FilterWebPart.webpart No PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features
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PS (5) > $s -is [PSObject] True PS (6) > "abc" -is [PSObject] False PS (7) > $s -is [string] True
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4. The Processes dialog will now reappear, as shown in Figure 13-7. In the bottom pane, highlight the MOMHost.exe process, click Break, and then click Close. This will take you back to the Visual Studio start page.
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1. Launch Template Explorer and select the new template. 2. View the Properties window. 3. Select PlaceholderDefinitions in the Properties window to open the Placeholder Definition Collection Editor. 4. Add an ImagePlaceholderDefinition. 5. Set the properties of the new placeholder definition: AllowHyperlinks: True|False. Description: Enter a description. Name: Enter a name. MustUseResourceGallery: True|False. 6. Close the Placeholder Definition Collection Editor. 7. Select Save All to save your changes.
While our classes are basically ready, there are some additional issues that will affect the robustness of our application in future chapters. This section will address a number of these issues in order to make our library a bit more sturdy. These topics apply more generally to any class library, so are probably worth considering while developing your own libraries as well. This section will look at the following areas: Handling the potential exception when a bitmap is created. Ensuring that photographs are compared as expected. Cleaning up system resources used by our classes. Associating a file name with an album. We will examine each issue separately.
Creating a page using the web interface The task of creating a page has been improved in SharePoint 2010. In earlier versions, only publishing sites had the benefit of a decent user interface that was adapted for creating and editing pages. Nearly all SharePoint sites are now created with a Site Pages library to contain site pages. To create a new page, all you have to do is either add a new page in the library the traditional way by adding a new item to the library or select Site Actions > New Page. These two methods differ slightly; the former will make you fill in the standard New Item form and then return to the library. The latter shows you a simple interface where you just enter the name of the page and, once the page is created, you enter Edit mode. The option to create a page isn t available on all sites; it depends on which definition or template the page is based on.
Path Strings
The overall WMI architecture is also rather like a database in that you connect to the WMI service on a particular computer, optionally specifying credentials, and retrieve the objects using a query. Figure 12.10 shows the signature for this cmdlet. As always, the best way to see what s going on is to look at an example. Here is a quick little PowerShell script that will list the software installed on a computer system. This will return the installed program and the date that it was installed:
using System.Collections.ObjectModel; using System.ComponentModel; using MvvmApplication.Services; namespace MvvmApplication.ViewModels { public class EmployeeListViewModel : ViewModel { private Employee _selectedEmployee; public Employee SelectedEmployee { get { return _selectedEmployee; } set { _selectedEmployee = value; NotifyPropertyChanged("SelectedEmployee"); } } private ObservableCollection<Employee> _employees; public ObservableCollection<Employee> Employees { get { return _employees; } private set { _employees = value; NotifyPropertyChanged("Employees"); }
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