c# barcode generator free FIGURE 8-6. Choosing a reference library in Objective-C

Produce Data Matrix in Objective-C FIGURE 8-6. Choosing a reference library

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Objective-C 2.0 adds the @property and @synthesize keywords for defining object properties and implementing their matching accessor methods. A property is a value that is fetched using an accessor method and set using a mutator method. A property s value is typically stored in an instance variable, but that s not a requirement. The @property directive declares a property of the class. A @property directive typically appears in the @interface directive. It does not implement the accessor methods or create any instance variables. It is simply a promise that the class implements that property. Listing 3-9 shows the Person class, in both Java and Objective-C. The class defines five properties: tag, firstName, lastName, fullName, and adult.
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Microsoft sees newsfeeds as a way to wire together all sorts of applications, both on the desktop and on the Web. Your calendar program will use newsfeeds to synchronize your schedule with your business associates . Business-to-business e-commerce applications will use newsfeeds to synchronize price information. Your screensaver will use newsfeeds to show you the latest news or to present a slideshow of the latest photos from your friends and family. And of course, your media player will use newsfeeds to download podcasts and video-casts. The components of the Windows RSS Platform are designed to support those use cases.
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Listing 10.1
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The Source property is the XAML-friendly way to host content for the control. Simply set the Source to a valid URI on the same domain that originally served the Silverlight application:
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Listing 1-3. An Extension Method
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Search Best Bets Web Part
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By this point, we have a fairly clear idea as to what was happening when the deadlock occurred. The process with a session ID of 53 requested a shared lock on the index key 6:72057594038845440 (1900f638aaf3), in the Users table, so that it could run a select that starts on line 20 of the procedure ViewThread. The second process, with a session ID of 55, requested a shared lock on the page 6:1:351 belonging to the Threads table so that it could run a select that starts on line 9 of the procedure ViewForum.
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Writing Files
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At the beginning of this chapter, I mentioned that we would be dumping into the implementation file one of the most widely used, generic, boilerplate chunks of code that loads views onto the iPhone or iPad. This method is called a Lazy Load. This process has this name for a number of reasons. First, we are somewhat lazy for using it! True enough. Second, it s lazy in terms of memory management. This is OK for smaller programs, but as we move to creating larger applications, we will need to get more sophisticated. We will probably use Shark and other tools to fix memory leaks, which are often caused by lazy loads. Don t worry, though! You can still create excellent (and lucrative) apps that rely on a lazy load.
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At this point, we have a problem. Actually, we have two problems. The first is that our business logic now lives in the UI. Some form class somewhere is deciding whether or
In my opinion, this latter form is a bit easier on the eye. You can do a lot with function pointers. You can create an array of function pointers. How about a binary tree of function pointers You can pass a function pointer as a parameter to another function. Taking this one step further, you can create a function that does nothing but call other functions! For your enjoyment, there s a function-calling project in the Learn C Projects folder, inside the 11.03 - funcPtr subfolder. The program is pretty simple, but it should serve as a useful reference when you start using function pointers in your own programs.
Plain Old XML (POX) has been the data format of choice on the Internet for nearly a decade. The fact that it s human-readable, customizable, and platform-independent virtually guaranteed its acceptance. Due to its long life and universal acceptance, the Silverlight team built in several ways to use POX after it s available in the application. In this section, we ll describe the three major ways to use POX content. The three built-in methods to use XML content are LINQ to XML, also known as XLINQ, XmlReader, and XmlSerializer. In the following examples, we ll demonstrate each of these ways to read the same data using different methods.
WMI documentation
Listing 2 Creating a utility database
Listing 18.7
Pinch your fingers closed to zoom out.
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