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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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To remove an object from a drawing, use the Delete method, which has the following simple syntax: Object.Delete Many AutoCAD objects expose this method. For full details, see Appendix A. The following example shows how to implement this method: Public Sub DeleteObject() Dim objDrawingObject As AcadEntity Dim varEntityPickedPoint As Variant
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So you are an iPhone app developer and you ve worked with the iPhone SDK before Perfect. Then you ll be most interested in how making games works in a world without Interface Builder. In fact, there are other tools you ll be using. They may not be as shiny as Apple s tools but they ll be useful nonetheless. The programming considerations will change, too. You don t normally send and receive a lot of events in game programming, and you let a larger number of objects decide what to do with an event. For performance reasons and to reduce user input latency, game engine systems often work more closely connected with each other. A lot of work is done in loops and update methods, which are called at every frame or at specific points in time. While a user interface-driven application spends most of the time waiting for a user s input, a game keeps pushing a lot of data and pixels behind the scenes, even when the player is not doing anything. So there s a lot more going on and game code tends to be more streamlined and efficient because of concerns for performance.
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The Future of C#
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Table 10.3 Feature Show/hide Document Map Parameter placeholders Interactive features supported by the HTML Viewer Description Toggles the document map s visibility for reports with document maps. Generates parameter placeholders for parameterized reports. For example, the screenshot in figure 10.3 shows that the Territory Sales by Store with Map report takes two parameters, Start Date and End Date. If a parameter has a list of available values, the HTML Viewer will automatically generate a drop-down list. If a parameter has a default value, its placeholder will be set accordingly. Only parameters that are set to prompt the user are shown. Zooms the report in or out. For example, as figure 10.3 shows, after we performed a search for the word Bike, if a match is found, the browser scrolls and highlights the match. For multipage reports, clicking Next to search subsequent pages causes the HTML Viewer to submit additional requests to the Report Server. continued on next page
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15.5.3 Server Activity History
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SET THE MINIMUMSIZE PROPERTY FOR THE PBXPHOTO CONTROL Action 1 2 Display the properties for the Form object. Set the value of the
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{ IExtensionManager mgr = new FileExtensionManager(); return mgr.IsValid(fileName); }
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You can deliver Mac OS X applications in a variety of formats including tar files, GNU zip files, and package formats. You use UNIX formats (tar, gzip) for distributing UNIX command-line programs. You use the package format to deliver Mac OS X programs. PackageMaker creates application distributions for your Mac OS X programs. Basically, you specify the files that make up the package, select some installation options, and tell PackageMaker to create the application package.
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The iPhone (at the time of this writing) does not have a built-in Print command. You have a couple of options, but neither is very simple. Option 1: Email yourself or a colleague the web page link and print it from a computer. If you are traveling and staying at a hotel with a business center, you may be able to send it to someone at the business center or front desk to print the page. Option 2: Buy a network printing app from the App Store that allows you to print to a networked printer. Of course, this only works if you have access to a networked printer. It s usually best if you do this from your home or office network and can get help setting up, as doing so can be challenging.
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The difference between the choose file and choose file name commands is the same as the difference between the Open and Save dialog boxes. When you open, you can choose a file. When you save, you specify a filename and location, but the file may not yet exist. If the file you specified is already there, the usual Are you sure you want to replace this item dialog box will appear.
Note Backward compatibility is the ability of a newer version of a class/application to interpret data created by
The changes planned for this chapter require that we rewrite our menu bar. Before we plunge ahead, let s do some brief design work to lay out this new main menu. It is always a good idea to sketch your graphical elements up front. You can even do this on paper. The point is to have in mind the graphical interface you wish to implement before you start writing code. While it is always possible to move menus and other objects around, it can also waste a lot of time. This is especially true if the application has to be approved by a manager, the customer, or anyone else. Doing a quick sketch on paper creates a basis for discussion and allows initial thoughts and ideas to be aired before a more formal design document or any code is written.
Objective-C @class Period; @interface Person : NSObject { NSString *name; } @end @interface Parent : Person { NSMutableArray *childen; } @end @interface Teacher : Person { NSMutableArray *periods; Period *homeroom; } @end @interface Student : Person { NSMutableArray *parents; NSMutableArray *classes; Period *homeroom; } @end
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