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Figure 7-12. The Navigation Controller window in Interface Builder
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FormBorderStyle Sizable
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Placing SQL Server in your pocket
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What we ve done here is create an index on the combination2 of the DOB and Surname columns. In doing so, a separate physical index structure containing, and ordered by, DOB and Surname is created and maintained in line with the table. Each time a row is inserted, updated, or deleted from the client table, the corresponding updates are made to the nonclustered index. When running a query such as the one above that selects data based on the DOB/Surname combination, the index is used, or looked up, with the leaf level of the matching index entries pointing to the appropriate records in the table. A good way of understanding the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes is thinking about a paper-based phone book, ordered by surname. If you re looking for the address of someone whose surname is White, you d immediately flip to the back of the book and adjust your search from there. In this sense, the phone book can be considered to be clustered on Surname. On the other hand, if all you had was a phone number and you needed the matching address, your only choice would be to scan every page of the book, an immensely time-consuming process! If there was a section added to the rear of the book containing ordered phone numbers with a corresponding name, you could then flip to the appropriate page to retrieve the address. This extra section of ordered phone numbers can be considered a nonclustered index. Taking this example further, let s imagine email addresses were added as additional contact information. If all we had was someone s email address, and we wanted their street address (or phone number), we d be back to scanning through the book from start to finish. As we did with phone numbers, we could build another section at the back of the book containing ordered email addresses with a corresponding name to enable fast lookup to the section of the book containing the contact details. Figure 13.2 illustrates this concept further. As per database tables, each time we add indexes to the rear of our phone book, two things happen. First, the size of the book increases, and second, we have additional information to maintain. If anyone changes their name, phone number, or email address, as well as updating the appropriate page within the book, we d have to update one (or both) of the additional indexes. The additional size and maintenance
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Dial and search by simply speaking.
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Table 11-8. File Attribute Keys
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<Button Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="3" Style="{StaticResource OperatorButtonStyle}" Name="buttonTimes">X</Button>
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Adjusting Slideshow Options
Now that you know the basics of how to get around, we will cover a few useful tips and tricks to make web browsing more enjoyable and fast on your iPhone.
Task 4-15. Assigning Containers to Rights Groups
2.1 The report-authoring process: step by step 40 2.2 Authoring reports in VS.NET 43 2.3 Creating reports programmatically 55 2.4 Creating reports with third-party tools 60 2.5 Summary 62 2.6 Resources 62
PS C:\> get-date | gm TypeName: System.DateTime Name ---Add AddDays AddHours MemberType ---------Method Method Method Definition ---------System.DateTime Add(System.TimeSpan ... System.DateTime AddDays(double value) System.DateTime AddHours(double value)
PS (2) > get-magicnumber $env:windir/explorer.exe 4d5a 9000 'MZ..' PS (3) >
We know that Xcode uses, and is based on, the programming language Objective-C, and that applications are run by virtue of code getting compiled into ones and zeroes that microprocessors understand. In Objective-C, as in other languages particularly the C language it s based on, our preprocessor supports two styles of comments. These comments, in essence, make things invisible to the innards of the machine. We have already examined and discussed the double forward slash signal: //, after which comments can be inserted and which prohibits the compiler from seeing those comments. These are called BCPL-style comments. There is also the slash-asterisk: /* and the asterisk-slash: */, between which comments can be placed. These are known as C-style comments. For example, we might see something like this:
Search Using Groups
Working with legacy code
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