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And if Car adopts both NSCopying and NSCoding, the declaration goes like this:
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From the main node for your server, right-click and select Properties, as shown in figure 7.28. In the Properties window select the Permissions page, which lets you add users or groups and select the system role that you want to place them in. This can be a very important step. We have run into many situations where clients have set up Reporting Services but can t figure out how to get the Report Builder button to show up. We hope reading this will save you some precious time.
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Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem
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and the PowerShell equivalent is
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Listing 13.2 Data access object with a method that returns a collection of objects (List<T>)
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Now that you have your iPad charged with a clean screen, registered, and decked out with a new protective case, let s take a look at some of the basics to help you get up and running.
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[Guid("95bd5e48-0771-4f32-9ff8-1877b6deaa6d")] public class TaskCountMobileAdapter: WebPartMobileAdapter { protected override void CreateControlsForDetailView() { SPWeb web = this.Web; SPList list = web.Lists.TryGetList("Tasks"); if (list != null) { SPMobileLabel heading = new SPMobileLabel() { Text = "Tasks", BreakAfter = true }; heading.Font.Bold = BooleanOption.True; this.Controls.Add(heading);
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The next line is pretty tricky, so hang on. At this point, the variable twoDice holds a value between 2 and 12, the total of two individual dice rolls. We ll use that value to specify which of the rolls ints to increment. If twoDice is 12 (if we rolled a pair of sixes) we ll increment rolls[12]. Get it If not, go back and read through this again. If you still feel stymied (and it s OK if you do), find a C buddy to help you through this. It is important that you get this concept. Be patient.
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public class PeopleRepository { private ObservableCollection<Person> _people = new ObservableCollection<Person>(); public ObservableCollection<Person> People { get { return _people; } } public PeopleRepository() { _people.Add(new Person() { FirstName = "Captain", LastName = "Avatar", IsRegistered = true, MaritalStatus = MaritalStatus.Unknown, DateOfBirth = DateTime.Parse("1912-01-01") }); _people.Add(new Person() { FirstName = "Derek", LastName = "Wildstar", IsRegistered = true, MaritalStatus = MaritalStatus.Single, DateOfBirth = DateTime.Parse("1954-11-15") }); } }
from book in SampleData.Books orderby book.Publisher.Name, book.Price descending, book.Title select new { Publisher=book.Publisher.Name, book.Price, book.Title };
Set Operators
The RDF fork: RSS 1.0
ISessionFactory sessionFactory = new Configuration() .Configure() .AddClass( typeof(Model.Item) ) .AddClass( typeof(Model.User) ) .AddClass( typeof(Model.Bid) ) .BuildSessionFactory();
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