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printf( "\n----------\n" ); return( infoPtr ); } AddToList() takes a pointer to a DVDInfo struct as a parameter. It uses the pointer to add
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ADDING THE FILE MENU With a MainMenu on our form to act as the menu bar, we can now add the menus that should appear. Each menu is created using the MenuItem class. In this section we will create the top-level File menu only. In the next section we will create the dropdown menu that appears when the user clicks on this menu.
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and Description properties of our application. Notice the Guid attribute is different from the Application ID property. The Guid attribute denotes the globally unique identifier for our type library when it is generated. When our component is registered into COM+, a new Application ID GUID is generated for that application. The Security tab, shown in figure 6.11, allows you to configure how users will be authorized to use your component. If you have configured role(s) for your component, then by enabling the Enforce Access Checks For This Application setting in the Authorization section, your component will perform a check to determine whether the user is authorized to use that component. If the user is not a member of an authorized role, then calls to your component may fail. The Security Level section of this dialog box determines where authentication will take place in your COM+ application. Only two options are available: Perform Access Checks Only At The Process Level and Perform Access Checks At The Process And Component Level. If you enable the first option (the default), authentication checks only occur at the application level when an instance of your application is activated. If you select the second option, the authentication checks are performed both when the application instance is activated and when a call is made into an interface method in your application. This tab also lets you configure the Software Restriction Policy. If the Apply Software Restriction Policy checkbox is deselected (the default), the system-wide security configuration is used for your application. This gives your application a fairly restricted security model and disables access to most system resources (for example, access to the Registry). If you select the checkbox, you can set your component s restriction level to either Disallowed or Unrestricted. Setting this property to Disallowed prevents the
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protected void LookupThreadMethod(object state) { string country = state.ToString(); FlowDocument doc = App.Current.Lookup.DefineWord(country);
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Car values : { make = Plymouth; model = Valiant; modelYear = 1965; }
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Publishing with XML-RPC based APIs
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$h[$_] += 1
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Domain services execute on the server, running under the full .NET 4 framework. The client-side equivalent of the domain service is the domain context object. Domain
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Listing 2-20. Using the Method Associated with a Stored Procedure to Retrieve the Number of Person Rows in the Database
Step 1 Create a new Windows Form and call it ReportViewerLocal.cs. Stretch the form, add the ReportViewer, and anchor the control just as you did in the ReportViewer remote example earlier. Instead of choosing <Server Report> from the Choose Report property of the smart tag window (figure 11.3), click the design new report link. This creates a new RDLC file and opens it up in your project. On the left side of your design window you should see a Data Sources tab; if not, you can add it by selecting Data > Show Data Sources from the top menu. You can also toggle the Data Sources view by pressing Shift-Alt-D. Step 2 Create a data source for your report by right-clicking in the Data Sources section or by selecting Data > Add New Data Source from the top menu. This opens the Data Source Configuration Wizard, as shown in figure 11.5. Step 3 Select Database and click the Next button. The next screen lets you choose your data connection by either selecting an existing connection or creating a new connection. Let s set this data source up for our AdventureWorks database.
Document/data browsing If you have interlinked data that you want to be able to easily move through and then back to where you were, this model works well. This should be unsurprising because it s what browsers do best. Inductive user interfaces This is the type of interface popularized by applications like Microsoft Money and TurboTax. Users are only doing one thing at a time, often moving step by step (like in a wizard), but they can also jump off to another point if desired. Again, this is much like many browser applications.
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