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It s sometimes useful for an application to browse, manipulate, or build new mappings at runtime. (You can safely skip this section and come back to it later when you need to.) .NET provides XML APIs that allow direct runtime manipulation of XML documents: you can create or manipulate an XML document at runtime before feeding it to the Configuration object. But NHibernate also exposes a configuration-time metamodel. The metamodel contains all the information declared in your XML mapping documents. Direct programmatic manipulation of this metamodel is sometimes useful, especially for applications that allow for extension by user-written code. For example, the following code adds a new Motto property to the User class mapping:
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Figure 1 12. Writing a new value to an element in an array Admit it, you re skeptical that an array is of the object value type. Members are named with strings or identifiers, while elements are named with numbers. Or are they No. JavaScript names elements with strings, too. They re numeric ones but strings nonetheless. So, our array is like the following object: var iceCream = { "0": "Chocolate Fudge Brownie", "1": "Half Baked", "2": "New York Super Fudge Chunk", "3": "Coffee Heath Bar Crunch", "4": "Cherry Garcia", "5": "Mud Pie", "6": "Milk & Cookies", "7": "Cinnamon Buns", "8": "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough", "9": "Boston Cream Pie" }; OK, so if array elements are not named with numbers, how come we read and write their values by number, not by string Sorry, JavaScript tricked you again. The [] operator converts the number you put in there to a string. If you give it a 3 to work with, it will return the value of the element named 3. To illustrate the point, query an element in iceCream with a string in Firebug: var iceCream = [ "Chocolate Fudge Brownie", "Half Baked", "New York Super Fudge Chunk", "Coffee Heath Bar Crunch", "Cherry Garcia", "Mud Pie", "Milk & Cookies", "Cinnamon Buns", "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough",
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Figure 3.6 Using properties to inject dependencies. This is much simpler than using a constructor because each test can set only the properties that it needs to get the test underway.
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Introducing ROME
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > Declares <webParts> class and <webPart xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebPart/v3"> assembly <metaData> <type name="WebPartsInAction.Ch3.VisualWebPart.VisualWebPart1. VisualWebPart1,$SharePoint.Project.AssemblyFullName$" /> <importErrorMessage>$Resources:core,ImportErrorMessage; </importErrorMessage>
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Table 2 Performance impact of small random I/Os Query elapsed time 12 44 I/O size ~ 256 KB ~ 8 KB I/O throughput ~ 340 MB/sec ~ 80 MB/sec
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Some efforts have been made to reduce the impedance mismatch by bringing some pieces of one world into another. For example: SQLXML 4.0 ties SQL to XSD; System.Xml spans XML/XML DOM/XSL/XPath and CLR; the ADO.NET API bridges SQL and CLR data types; and SQL Server 2005 includes CLR integration. All these efforts are proof that data integration is essential; however, they represent distinct moves without a common foundation, which makes them difficult to use together. LINQ, in contrast, offers a common infrastructure to address the impedance mismatches.
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But this is dangerous, because you may forget the restriction; a better solution, in this case, is to change your mapping:
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Doing so appends trace information to the output sent to the browser. You can also insert your own trace information into the output using Trace.Write and Trace.Warn statements. Listing 8.18 is a reworking of the helloform.aspx application seen earlier. This version enables tracing and inserts some custom output into the trace.
Compiling and executing the client To invoke the service, we compile the client, together with the generated proxy, and execute it, as shown in figure 6.8.
Before you set up the channel hierarchy and organize the workspace, you should be aware of MCMS naming conventions: Each channel must have a unique name. URLs (names of channels and resources) can only contain US-ASCII characters and templates can only contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and the following symbols: -, _, (, ), . Do not use #, &, %, +, /, or | characters in a channel name. MCMS reserves the characters NR (root virtual directory). Do not name a channel NR. Do not use spaces in channel names (spaces are converted to the plus sign [+]). Channel names must be fewer than 100 characters in length. Do not save a page with the .htm extension (MCMS automatically adds the .htm extension).
foreach (GridViewRow gridRow in GridViewDataSetNew.Rows) { CheckBox chkImport = (CheckBox)gridRow.FindControl("chkImport"); if (!chkImport.Checked) continue; Guid bookId = (Guid)GridViewDataSetNew.DataKeys[gridRow.RowIndex].Value;
OnLoad method.
Looking at figure 1.3, you can see that the Report Server encompasses several components, including the Report Processor, Windows Service, and extensions. From an implementation standpoint, perhaps the best way to describe the Report Server is to say that it is implemented as a set of .NET assemblies located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\RS\ReportServer\bin folder. NOTE An interesting fact about the Report Server is that it is 100% written in C# code. As far as I can tell, this qualifies it as the first true .NET server. No, unfortunately the source code is not provided. Moreover, the Report Server assemblies are obfuscated to prevent reverse engineering, reuse, and abuse. As you know, the Report Server s main role is to generate reports. To accomplish this, the server retrieves the report definition from the report catalog, combines it with data from the data source, and generates the report. Figure 1.3 and the product documentation indicate that the Report Processor component is responsible for report processing. The implementation details of the RS ARCHITECTURE 13
Server configuration
Figure 8-3. The Ellipse object
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