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You may be looking at the earlier declaration for the event and be wondering why you are using an NSManagedObject here instead of the Event class itself. At first, I did use the Event class, and then I had to import the header in the implementation files and use the class tag for it in the interface files, but I realized I was not doing anything with Event that an NSManagedObject could not do. This makes the EventViewController a very reusable class. You can use the table view in such a way that it can display any object at all. I could be talking about an Event object or a Book object or a BottleOfWhiskey object. It does not matter. Put them into your array, and this view controller will display each attribute of the object, each in its own row. OK, this may not seem cool the first time you are doing this, but the more code you have written, the more you get excited about truly reusable view controllers.
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work. The Matrix3dProjection is a little harder to use but is extremely powerful. If you want to do basic CoverFlow-style work, PlaneProjection is for you. If you want to do a more immersive 3D experience with floating panels zipping past you and appearing off in the distance, you re probably looking at the Matrix3dProjection class and some of its helper libraries on www.codeplex.com. With framework and UI elements, the rendering and layout system, transformations, and projections under our belt, we re ready to move on to the fundamentals of working with layout panels. Panels form the root elements for most of our interfaces and are the main elements responsible for layout in Silverlight.
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Scan the about files
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Table 6.6
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Next, find out the exact type of object returned by Get-Process:
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Reporting Services doesn t limit your programming options to using inline expressions and functions. In this chapter, we will show you how to supercharge the expression capabilities of your reports by integrating them with custom code. Writing custom code allows us to use advanced programming techniques to meet the most demanding reporting needs. In this chapter, you will See what custom code options RS offers Learn how to write embedded code Find out how to integrate reports with external .NET assemblies Use XSL transformations to produce XML reports
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Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
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Again, for simple needs, this isn t a bad approach and, if you have to switch to the more complex approach later, it isn t a big jump. We ve now demonstrated printing FlowDocuments and FixedDocuments and Visuals directly. Throughout all of this, there have been little hints of something called XPS, in class names if nothing else. It s about time that we explain what XPS is and how it relates to anything.
SET objFSO = NOTHING SET objMyFile = NOTHING 'SUBROUTINE - used to read the results of the SQLCMD query to check for 'errors Sub CheckforErrors(fileNameResults,parentFolder,databaseName) strFileNameResults=fileNameResults strParentFolder=parentFolder strDatabaseName=databaseName Const ForReading = 1 SET objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(strFileNameResults, ForReading) strContents = objFile.ReadAll 'The value=0 means that it cannot find the phrase RESTORE LOG successfully 'processed and thus means an error If Instr(strContents,"RESTORE LOG successfully processed")=0 then objShell.Run(strParentFolder & "scripts\sendEmailSMTP.vbs " & strDatabaseName & " RESTORE ") End If objFile.Close Set objFSO=NOTHING Set objFile=NOTHING Set objShell=NOTHING End Sub
Using TVPs from client applications
All of our examples in previous chapters have used instances of NSMutableDictionary in the place of real model objects. What do we mean by real model objects Well, besides just being able to hold onto pieces of data, which are accessible using field names or keys (something that NSMutableDictionary does well enough), real model objects should include some of the following features: Archiving. Model objects should have access to a built-in mechanism for being saved to disk, and later reloaded. Business Logic. There should be a way to give a model object custom behavior that operates in response to input values. Validation. Each model object should be able to automatically validate input values.
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