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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
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CHAPTER 8: Xcode Documentation
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The alternative to storing BLOBs in the database is to store them in their native format as normal files in the file system. Windows NTFS is much better at file storage than SQL Server, so it makes sense to store them there and include a simple link in the database. Further, this approach lets you store BLOBs on lower-cost storage, driving down overall costs. An example of this approach is shown in figure 9.7. Here, the table contains a photolink column storing the path to a file system based file.
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Listing 17.5 File-processing methods of the Sorter class (VB.NET)
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But when we drop the index, the execution plan of this query changes. It now appears as in figure 8. In fact, looking at the estimated cost of the query as reported in the plan, we see that it s approximately 30 percent higher (estimated cost of 0.05325 on my machine, compared to 0.04055 earlier). It seems our index is being used after all. Compare the execution plan in figure 8 with the one in figure 7; you can clearly see differences in the ways they are being used. Note in particular the fact that the query is the same in both cases. Assuming the data has not changed, the results will be identical. Adding or removing indexes will not affect the rows that are returned by a query. I m not suggesting that our indexing strategy for this index is perfect. There are indexes that could make the query run better. The point is simply that the index called AK_ProductSubcategory_Name is actually being used, despite the fact that neither of the traditional methods (examining the execution plan or examining the DMV) is showing its use. Let s look at what s going on in more detail.
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To get started, create a new WPF application, and add a user control called GraphHolder. This will hold the Add a value stuff on the left and a swappable control on the right that holds our various graphing displays. The next section will go into the implementation of the control.
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Advanced filter steps Details In our previous example, the product profit margin report, we kept the When Adding A New Condition, Apply To All Data In My Report checkbox selected. For this example be sure that this check box is not selected. This allows us to create distinct grouping within our filter. With the Customer entity selected, drag Customer Type from the Fields section onto the filter design surface. Choose I from the dropdown list. In the AdventureWorks database two customer types are defined: Individual (I) and Store (S).
CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
To aid you with accessing per-socket data structures inside your callback function, CFSocket provides a way to pass an arbitrary pointer to your callback. You specify this pointer via the info member of the CFSocketContext structure passed to CFSocketCreate or CFSocketCreateWithNative. To have CFSocket track how many references it holds to the entity pointed to by info, you need to provide pointers to a retain function and a release function in the respective fields of CFSocketContext. For example, if info pointed to a Core Foundation object, you might set the retain field to point to CFRetain() and the release field to CFRelease(). In the example in Listing 8-5, we use the info field to store a reference to the ObjectiveC object owning the socket. Since the socket is deleted during deallocation of the object, we do not require Core Foundation to track its references to it and hence just set the retain and release members to NULL. Inside the callback shown in Listing 8-6 (which must be a plain C function), we convert info back to an Objective-C reference and send it the message onDatagram:fromAddress:port:. NOTE: A lot of basic Core Foundation data types are bridged toll-free to their Objective-C counterparts, meaning you can simply treat the Core Foundation reference as an Objective-C object reference. We use this in the code samples to convert between CFDataRef and its Objective-C counterpart NSData.
WebRequest.RegisterPrefix( "http://10rem.net", WebRequestCreator.ClientHttp); WebRequest.RegisterPrefix( "https://10rem.net", WebRequestCreator.ClientHttp);
The HtmlWindow class enables you to deliver HTML prompts to your users. It s important to note that these prompts aren t Silverlight items. Instead, these prompts are constructed entirely by the user s browser window, so you have a limited ability to customize how these prompts are displayed. The good news is that these prompts provide a quick way to show or collect information from your users. The three prompt options available through the HtmlWindow class are listed in table 4.5.
Dim query = From m In GetType(Integer).GetMethods() _ Group By m.Name _ Select New {Name := it.Key} _ Order By Name ObjectDumper.Write(query)
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