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of the code generated by the compiler, and can yield insight, such as what operations are likely to be thread-safe.
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You can find the routine you will use, GetTextandSave, in the GetSetSave collection of the Script Library. Place this in the script for the pshSave button. The call to the GetTextandSave routine needs to be cut and pasted into the clicked handler for the Save Button script. The properties hasChanged and kCurrentFile are already defined in the project script, so you can delete them. All that is left is to add a reference to the text view in place of the TEXT VIEW REFERENCE placeholder.
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messages. The combination of the converter and an Editor Part makes the editing of your Web Part easy and understandable in both the web interface and using SharePoint Designer.
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11.3.2 Mirroring restrictions
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the flag you set in step 2. If it is, raise your own custom click event. If isn t, do nothing. In either case, release the mouse capture using UIElement. ReleaseMouseCapture.
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PS (7) > function newobj >> { >> param ($type, [switch] $com, [switch] $strict) >> if ($com) >> { >> New-Object -com -strict:$strict $type $args >> } >> else >> { >> New-Object $type $args >> } >> } >>
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In the next section, we ll add some error handling code to our program, as well as a call to ReplaceReturnAtEndOfString().
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Each time through the loop, we ll increment ReadLine() s local copy of the pointer line, so it points to the next byte in main() s line array. The next time through the loop, we ll read a character into the second byte of the array, and then the third byte, and so on, until we read in a '\n' and drop out of the loop. Once we drop out of the loop, we ll place a 0 in the next position of the array. This turns the line into a zero-terminated string we can print using printf().
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As listing 2.3 illustrates, referencing other elements, including custom elements, only requires you to provide the namespace and assembly name of the external element. Of course, you ll still need to reference the external assembly so that its types are accessible to code and to the XAML parser/compiler. The name my was used as a convenience here; you can use any identifier that makes sense to you. If the referenced type is defined in the same assembly as the markup, you ll still need to create an XAML namespace reference for it. But the ;assembly= clause of the namespace definition may optionally be left out, as illustrated in listing 2.4.
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By the time you ve finished this chapter, you ll have a working implementation of a simple Apple Push Notification Service client on your iPhone that talks to a remote server and allows you to send notifications to all users of this particular app.
Results = ""; WebClient client =new WebClient(); Byte[] Bytes; Bytes = client.DownloadData((string)State); Results = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Bytes); client.Dispose();
you and fill in some details. But you can see, from Figure 6-1, that the tutorial has given you a start.
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