c# barcode maker Figure 5 3. All components added to the user interface in Objective-C

Development DataMatrix in Objective-C Figure 5 3. All components added to the user interface

We can use this method to access a dictionary containing a whole lot of relevant file system information about the file or directory specified in the path parameter. Note that the second parameter, error, is of type NSError**, which means that we pass in a pointer to a variable that can point at an NSError. If the method actually encounters an error situation, it will create an NSError, and stick its address in the location specified by error. If you want to ignore any error that a method like this produces, you can pass in the special NULL pointer as the last parameter. The following method shows what this looks like from the caller s perspective. We create a variable which can point at an NSError, and initialize it to point at nil. Then we pass the address of that variable to a potentially error-generating method, and afterwards check the variable to see whether or not it s still pointing at nil. If not, we know that the method encountered an error, and we ask the application to present the error to the user.
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There may be times when you wish to highlight a particular word and set an in-text bookmark. Just like you did previously, touch and hold the word in question and then select Bookmark. The chosen word will now turn color and be set as a bookmark.
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Figure 2-9. The final script with the tell blocks
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Before we begin the step-by-step process of creating and using full-text indexes, there are a few fundamentals that you ll need to understand. Full-text search isn t a fancy way of doing a LIKE search with SQL. Instead, every word is placed into a special type of index called a full-text index. These indexes are organized and stored in full-text catalogs, which act as containers to organize our indexes. Each word in a full-text index also includes a unique key for that record. You should note that in order to full-text index a table, SQL Server requires the table to have a unique, single-column key. This single-column key is used as part of the ranking functions we ll cover later in this chapter. All of the text-based data types are eligible for full-text searching. The complete list is char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, xml, image, and varbinary(max). According to online documentation from Microsoft, text, ntext, and image data types will be deprecated in future versions of SQL Server, so I suggest avoiding these if you can. Char, nchar, varchar, and nvarchar all make sense as candidates for full-text indexing. XML also makes sense, because it s text based, but adds the advantage that markup tags are ignored only the data is full-text indexed. The data type that might have you scratching your head is varbinary(max). To understand this, we have to briefly delve into the history of the full-text engine. The code base for the full-text search engine included with SQL Server descended from a product called Microsoft Index Server. With it, you could index various document types stored on your server, be it a Windows NT 4.0 server or IIS
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Before we leave the topic of function return values, there s one pitfall worth mentioning. If you re going to use a function in an expression, make sure the function provides a return value. For example, this code will produce unpredictable results:
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Search Web or Search Wikipedia
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This table demonstrates the general idea of a data template: it gives your data a face. The value in this approach is that it allows you to quickly change the way your data looks without changing your code the main raison d tre for XAML. Just as baseball card designs change each year, your data may change its look based on its context. Data templates allow you to make this change easily, without affecting the underlying model. To take advantage of this feature, you must create a DataTemplate object. A DataTemplate object describes the visual representation of a piece of information. This object can be used with two types of controls within the Silverlight class library. The first is a ContentControl. More interesting and probably more commonly used is the ItemsControl. Within this section, you ll see how to create a data template with each of these control types.
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Template test class pattern
firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
$ cd /usr/local/blogapps/python/ch20 $ chmod +x auto-validator.sh
CHAPTER 23: Eliminate Your Paper Notes
(lambda x,y: x+y)(2,5)
For intCount = 0 To 1 dblLowerLeftCorner(intCount) = CDbl(varLowerLeftCorner(intCount)) dblUpperRightCorner(intCount) = CDbl(varUpperRightCorner(intCount)) Next intCount ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.SetWindowToPlot dblLowerLeftCorner, _ dblUpperRightCorner ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.PlotType = acWindow 'initiate the plot strFilename = InputBox("Enter a filename to plot to") If strFilename = "" Then Exit Sub ThisDrawing.Plot.PlotToFile strFilename End Sub
Get into the Accessibility screen in the Settings app as shown above. Tap Triple-click the Home Button near the bottom of the right column. Choose from Off, Toggle VoiceOver, Toggle White on Black, or Ask.
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