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IMPLEMENTING A SCALE TO FIT OPTION The Stretch to Fit option we have used so far is really a poor choice for displaying an image. Users really do not want their images distorted when displayed on the screen. This option makes a nice example to use in our book, but otherwise is not all that useful. Even so, we will keep the option available as a contrast to the more appropriate solution we are about to implement. Ideally, an image is scaled so that it fits inside the available window space. We will call this option Scale to Fit, and make it the default for our application. An important aspect of this option is the calculation to determine the proper rectangle in which to 205
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Load Balancer
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REM ROBOCOPY job to copy the transaction log backups from the primary REM server to the standby server ROBOCOPY \\primary-server\LogShipFolder E:\LogShipfolder /COPY:DATSO /MIR REM Call the VBScript file that will run a RESTORE LOG command REM The VBScript file accepts 2 parameters the folder containing the REM transaction log backups and the database name E:\LogShipFolder\scripts\restoreLOG.vbs E:\LogShipFolder\ Northwind
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Step 4 Accept the default settings on the next two screens and name this dimension Customer. Make sure that the Share This Dimension with Other Cubes check box is selected. Setting up the Employee dimension The Employee dimension is going to be a recursive dimension because it will allow us to drill down recursively in the employee hierarchy. Here are the steps to create the Employee dimension: Step 1 Use the Dimension Wizard to create the Employee dimension as a parentchild dimension. Step 2 On the next screen, select the Employees table. Step 3 Set the Employee dimension as shown in figure 12.8. Step 4 Here, we are instructing Analysis Services to create a hierarchy by linking the ManagerID column to the EmployeeID column. Skip the next two screens and name the new dimension Employee.
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g. myInt = 5;
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private int _level; public int Level { get { return _level; } set { if (ValidateSalaryAndLevel(value, Salary)) { _level = value; NotifyPropertyChanged("Level"); } }
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So, how do you set up the editor to work with a Canvas It would be nice if the editor had a simple way to switch the top-level layout to use any particular layout, but it doesn t. You have two ways to make a Window use a Canvas: edit the XAML directly or put a Canvas inside the Grid cell. Because there are so many layout options, it s expected that developers will have to go back and forth between the editor and the XAML for a number of operations. This is in contrast to the Windows Forms editor, which worked on the (faulty) assumption that the autogenerated code wouldn t be touched by the developer.
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@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet SwitchViewController *switchViewController
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Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition is the most scalable of any product in the Windows Server 2003 family of products. It is designed for the largest enterprises so that they can deliver their mission-critical applications, databases, ERP systems, or server farms. It differs from Enterprise Edition only in that it can be scaled further up (support for more RAM, CPUs, etc.) and out (support for clustering more servers together). It supports 32-way SMP, eight-node clustering, and up to 64 processors. Much like Enterprise Edition, it also comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version provides support for both Itanium and Itanium 2 processors. The 32-bit version supports up to 64 GB of RAM, and the 64-bit version supports up to 128 GB of RAM.
Capturing the keyboard
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.cardinalityLimit$countValue ( @value varchar(10) ) RETURNS INT AS BEGIN RETURN (SELECT count(*) FROM cardinalityLimit WHERE value = @value) END
Finding the Windows PowerShell settings in a Group Policy object
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