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Integration Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 4: Core iPhone Tools

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High-level architecture of a ThreadPool-like implementation.
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Step 1 Right-click on the Reports node in the Solution Explorer and choose Add New Report. Step 2 On the Report Wizard welcome screen, click Next. 30
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The next control, the one that looks like a little book, shows any bookmarks that have been set in the current file. You ll notice this icon is the same as the Bookmarks icon in the Groups & Files pane. The next control has all the breakpoints in the file. We ll talk about breakpoints more in the Debugging section later in this chapter. The C menu lets you navigate up and down the class hierarchy. If you have Engine.m displaying in the code editor and you bring up the class menu, you ll see something like Figure 7-22. Engine is the highlighted item in Figure 7-22. You can see that Xcode knows Figure 7-22. Slant6 is a subclass and NSObject is the superclass. Selecting Slant6 The navigation opens Slant6.m. Selecting NSObject brings up NSObject.h from the Foundabar class menu tion headers. We don t have access to NSObject.m, because that belongs to Apple, so Xcode does the next best thing and brings up the header. If you choose NSObject, which opens the NSObject.h header file, and then open the class menu again, you ll see all the subclasses of NSObject. There are lots of them! As you can see, this menu is very handy for navigating around your code s inheritance tree.
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firstPress: LINQ to XML
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Note that, in listing A.4, there are tags for parameters that specify a direction and then a given TypeDescriptor for the type. This is how the BDC knows which way the information flows for the given method, and also what the type of the data is.
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Listin g 20-6. -mouseUp: Event Handler
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RESTORE LOG WITH NORECOVERY 203, 237 RESTORE LOG WITH RECOVERY 203, 237 RESTORE LOG WITH STOPAT 203 RESTORE LOG WITH STOPBEFOREMARK 211 restoring compressed backups 221 retrospective performance troubleshooting 348 ribbon cable 16 RID. See row id role reversal, log shipping 237 role-based security 107 111 roll back 198, 200 roll forward 198, 200 rollback (DBCC) 277 ROLLBACK (DDL Trigger) 116 rollback point 217, 232 rolling back database changes (database snapshots) 220 root cause analysis 278 row compression 185 row id (RID) 284 lookup 291 row locator 284 ROWGUIDCOL 181 RPC:Completed 335 run as 107 run to cursor 340 runaway query 376 runnable queue 392
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CHAPTER 12: Exceptions, Signals, Errors, and Debugging
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Whereas we ve been highlighting the merits of the cloud for production operations, the rest of this chapter will focus on how the cloud changes the software when testing is done. Before diving into specific types of testing, let s explore the two primary reasons you should consider cloud-based testing: cost savings and test acceleration.
Projects that use a template inherit the name of the template s executable. You will need to open the Executable Settings dialog box (select Executable Settings from the Project menu). Change the name of your project there.
Reloading External References
High availability with database mirroring
First, let s set the color. Look in the attributes inspector for a color well labeled Text (Figure 2 14). If you click that, the standard Mac OS X color picker will appear (Figure 2 15), and you can select the color you want for the text. Go ahead and do that now, picking whatever color strikes your fancy.
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