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Let s look at another common type of memory error: illegal memory writes either before or after an allocated buffer. Suppose that through some sort of rogue pointer operation, you happen to write past the end of an allocated buffer or overwrite memory before the allocated buffer. Here s an example of this behavior:
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internal bool IsConnected() { return _provider != null || _row != null; }
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19.3.1 Creating the transition control As we showed in earlier chapters, it s possible to create a Style for a particular type of control, and then tie things like animations to various property changes on that control. In theory, if we had the right type of control, we could define a control template that used animation to implement our transitions. Further, we could have multiple different control templates with different animations, and could change the current template on that control to switch to a different animation effect. The control we d need for this would need to be able to hold two different things that we could transition between. We could probably make use of one of the existing controls, such as the Grid, which can hold any number of children. But, that would be awkward referring to the children within a template would be a nuisance, and it would never be really clear which child was which. Instead, we re going to build our own control one that has two clearly named things that we can switch between, and one that we can specifically target with our control template. Let s call the control ABSwitcher. This is sort of a reference to the old AB video switchers of yore. We then need to figure out what the things are. Technically,
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This application is not complete, but if you look back at the original requirements, you have hit them all. Let s review those priorities: I must record the client and the task that I am working on today. (Done) I must be able to check who I worked for and what I did on any day. (Done) I should know who owes me for work and how much. (Partially done, but we have the information to work it out) I should be able to keep track of my clients and their contact information. (Done) I could do with knowing how much to invoice any client. (Not done, though we have the raw data) It could be useful to get a profile of my work across clients. (Not done, but we have the raw data) I don t need to bill my time by the hour just by the day. (Done) I don t want an accounting system. (And we don t have one) So where is this application going from here Well, a few ideas come to mind, particularly looking at the pieces in this list that are not yet done. First, it would be nice to be able to do some more analysis for example, get a breakdown of earnings by Consultant and client. It might be a good idea to add some enhancements to the features, such as seeing whether you have invoiced a client for a particular piece of work. It might be worth looking at aggregating journal entries into invoicable blocks of work. However, that will have to wait for another time. This chapter is not about a final polished product, but about getting you to see the development as an iterative process: conceptualize, design, build, repeat. As you move from one iteration to the next you fill in the gaps that are so evident in the first iteration, converging on the product that you are finally going to deliver. In later chapters you will see a number of other steps that support the iterative development process: in particular the use of revision-control repositories and unit testing.
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We have cars named Herbie and Badger, so those will survive a filtering:
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In this section we ll talk about how to create and use scriptblocks. We ll begin by looking at how commands are invoked so we can understand all the ways to invoke scriptblocks. Next we ll cover the syntax for scriptblock literals and the various types of scriptblocks you can create. This includes using scriptblocks as functions, as filters,
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Listing 6 4. TemperatureConverterAppDelegate.h #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> #import "Converter.h" @interface TemperatureConverterAppDelegate : NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate> { IBOutlet NSTextField *centigradeField; IBOutlet NSTextField *fahrenheitField; Converter *temperatureConverter; } - (IBAction)convertTemperature:(id)sender; @end
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Item property, to support array-style
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The ScreenSaver Framework
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case 1776: printf( "Declaration of Independence\n" ); printf( "A very important document!!!" ); break; default: printf( "Don't know what happened during this year" ); }
Isometric tilemap games use an axonometric projection to give the impression of looking at the scenery from an angle, thus creating visual depth. Axonometric projection is the technical term for projecting a rotated three-dimensional object onto a two-dimensional plane. The image then becomes skewed but our minds still recognize it as a threedimensional object. In terms of tilemaps, if you take a look at Figure 11 2 you can see the concrete steps for creating an isometric projection of an orthogonal image. The square is first rotated by 45 degrees and then scaled down along its Y axis to give it its typical isometric diamond shape.
11.2 ProcessMonitor: A simple binding example
you assigned a weapon object pointer to the Weapon<Communicating> *weapon variable, and that object does not conform to the Communicating protocol, that fact will not be discovered until the object is sent a sendMessage:to: message (throwing an unrecognized selector exception).
As a reminder, all three of these numbers were assigned the value
The computer-object Class
CHAPTER 23: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
profile scripts 58 profiles 58, 265 267 and ExecutionPolicy 267 and remoting 111 default 266 editing and creating 59 for multiple hosts 266 loading by third-party hosts 267 loading extensions 59 locations 59, 266 progress bar 189 prompt 183, 267 268 prompting for parameters 29, 215, 228 properties 62 assumptions about contents 256 case of names 218 choosing 67 custom 81 82, 296 determining table or list 88 different types 65 expanding values of 114 extracting values from 82 83 non-matching column headers 86 NoteProperty 217 of DateTimes 273 of WMI objects 120, 122 read-only 65 selecting 67 WMI documentation 129 WMI system 127 Property 65 provider, PSDrive 14 Ps (Get-Process) 37 .PS1 extension (PowerShell script) 10 ps1 filename association 166 PSBreakpoint 261 PSComputerName property 116, 138 PSDrive 14 16 PSModulePath environment variable 52, 239 PSObject 69, 217 PSSession 203 PSSnapin. See snap-ins public functions 232, 240 public key 164 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 163 punctuation 255, 292 295
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