c# barcode maker Figure 3 23. Setting options in the plist in Objective-C

Generator Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 3 23. Setting options in the plist

SyncRoot property, to retrieve an object for synchronizing multi-threaded access to the collection. CopyTo method, which copies the elements in the collection into an Array object.
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When it asks you to enter the import password, enter nothing. Instead, simply hit Return.
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CAUTION: Hulu Plus and Netflix use a great deal of data, so make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal if you are streaming over Wi-Fi or, if you are using 3G cellular data, make sure you have an adequate data plan.
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Listing 11.10 AddSale web method calls ExecuteGenericInvoker method
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Adding controls to the Web Part The Web Part class file is automatically opened in Source Code view when you add the Web Part item to the project. Because this project item doesn t support any visual editing, you only have this view of the Web Part. The class file looks similar to the corresponding Visual Web Part class except for the code that loads the user control.
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Managing the web page from managed code
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Conditional templates
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Listing 7.7 shows a Grid using star sizing in addition to absolute sizing. Absolute sizing will be discussed in just a moment; for now, observe the values with the n* in them, for example the Height and Width values for the second and third rows and columns. This asterisk signals that the element will use star sizing with a multiplier. Although
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addExpressionRule, PowerShell grammar 526 addition 92 addition operator, hashtables 92 AdditionOperatorToken, PowerShell grammar 529 Add-Member 233 cmdlet 224, 235 admin tasks 436 ADO 58 ADSI 58, 437 object adapter 513 Type Shortcut 513 algorithm 193 binding 289 comparison 104 compression 425 hash 441, 453 Secure Hash 456 alias 34, 76 property 225 provider 309 aliased member 226 AliasProperty 225 AllSigned execution policy, definition 451 alternation operator, regex 304 anatomy 27 Anchor property, Winforms 376 animated agent feature 412 animations 415 anonymous filter 202 functions 220 APIs 7 activator 352 byte-oriented 369 GDI+ 388 host 270 interoperation with 54 surfacing management 422 AppActivate() method, WScript.Shell 404 append 140 application architecture 379
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CHAPTER 13: Working with Contacts
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The Title property for this class sets the string displayed in the title bar of the dialog, while the Filter property defines the list of file types that can be seen in the dialog. The format of the Filter property matches the one used for file dialogs in previous Microsoft environments. The vertical bar character | separates each part of the string. Each pair of values in the string represents the string to display in the dialog and the regular expression to use when displaying files, respectfully. In our example, the dialog box presents two options for the type of file to select. This first is jpg files (*.jpg) which will match all files of the form *.jpg; while the second is All files (*.*) which will match all files of the form *.*. Once the OpenFileDialog object is created and initialized, the ShowDialog method displays the dialog and waits for the user to select a file. This method returns a member of the DialogResult enumeration, which identifies the button selected by the user.
The malloc_debug command has many additional options than are described here. For more information, see the command s man page.
In programming, pointers are references to other things. When someone calls your name to get your attention, they re using your name as a pointer. Your name is one way people refer to you. Your name and address can combine to serve as a pointer, telling the mail carrier where to deliver the new Sears catalog. Your address distinguishes your house from all the other houses in your neighborhood, and your name distinguishes you from the rest of the people living in your house. When you declare a variable in C, memory is allocated to the variable. This memory has an address. C pointers are special variables, specifically designed to hold one of these addresses. Later in the chapter, you ll learn how to create a pointer, how to make it point to a specific variable, and how to use the pointer to change the variable s value.
String to match (1) First submatch (2) Second submatch (3) Third submatch
When you re making your own fresh subclasses, you often add your own methods. Sometimes, you ll add a new method that introduces a unique feature to your class. Other times, you ll replace or enhance an existing method defined by one of your new class s superclasses. For instance, you could start with the Cocoa NSTableView class, which shows a scrolling list of stuff for users to click, and add a new behavior, such as announcing the contents of the list with a speech synthesizer. You might add a new method called speakRows that feeds the contents of the table to the speech synthesizer. Or, instead of adding an entirely new feature, you might create a subclass that tweaks an existing behavior inherited from one of its superclasses. In Shapes-Inheritance, Shape already does most of what we want a shape to do by setting the fill color and bounds of the shape, but Shape doesn t know how to draw anything. And it can t know how to draw: Shape is a generic, abstract class, and every shape is drawn differently. So when we want to make a Circle class, we subclass Shape and write a draw method that knows how to draw a circle. When we created Shape, we knew that all its subclasses would have to draw, even though we didn t know exactly what they would do to implement their drawing. So we gave Shape a draw method, but made it empty so that every subclass could do its own thing. When
This time we can t use the query expression syntax because the variant of the Select operator that provides the index has no equivalent in this syntax. Notice that this version of the Select method provides an index variable that we can use in our lambda expression. The compiler automatically determines which version of the Select operator we want just by looking at the presence or absence of the index parameter. Note also that we call Select before OrderBy. This is important to get the indices before the books are sorted, not after. Let s now review another query operator: Distinct.
Once the chart region is placed on the report canvas, you can change the chart type by right-clicking it and using the context menu or by selecting the General tab in the Chart Properties dialog box, as shown in figure 4.23. Once you have selected the chart type, you need to set up the chart data by defining the chart values, categories, and series. 4.4.2 Working with charts To demonstrate a practical example of a chart report, let s assume that the AWC sales management has requested that we change the Employee Sales by Territory with Summary report. Instead of having the report display the territory sales in a tabular fashion, management has requested that the data be presented in a chart format, so they can easily see which countries are performing best.
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