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Add Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 3: Interface Builder

CHAPTER 7: Core Data Basics
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15.1 Working with pages
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- (id) copyWithZone: (NSZone *) zone { Car *carCopy; carCopy = [[[self class] allocWithZone: zone] init]; carCopy.name = name; carCopy.make = make; carCopy.model = model; carCopy.numberOfDoors = numberOfDoors; carCopy.mileage = mileage; // plus copying tires and engine, code in chapter 13.
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11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 Using .NET from PowerShell 345 PowerShell and the Internet 361 PowerShell and graphical user interfaces 371 Summary 391
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ForecastingModel forecaster = new MultipleLinearRegressionModel(); forecaster.init(observedData); DataSet requiredObservations = new DataSet(); Specify placeholders for for ( int i=dataSet.Length-numberForecastedPoints; the forecasted data i < dataSet.Length; i++ ) { dp = new Observation( 0.0 ); dp.setIndependentValue( "x", i ); requiredObservations.add( dp ); } forecaster.forecast( requiredObservations );
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In the File menu for the MainForm.cs [Design] window, update the merge settings for the items in this menu.
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A trap statement is scoped to the statement list that contains it. See chapter 9. C.2.8 The finally statement
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Here s an example of where this feature is useful. We ll write a pipeline expression that sorts some strings, then returns the first element in the sorted collection. We ll start by sorting an array of three elements:
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function Dump-Doc ($doc="c:\temp\new.xml") Create the { settings object $settings = new-object System.Xml.XmlReaderSettings Create the $doc = (resolve-path $doc).ProviderPath XML reader $reader = [xml.xmlreader]::create($doc, $settings) $indent=0 function indent ($s) { " "*$indent+$s } Define formatwhile ($reader.Read()) Process ting function element { nodes if ($reader.NodeType -eq [Xml.XmlNodeType]::Element) { $close = $(if ($reader.IsEmptyElement) { "/>" } else { ">" }) if ($reader.HasAttributes) Process { attributes $s = indent "<$($reader.Name) " [void] $reader.MoveToFirstAttribute() Move through do attributes { $s += "$($reader.Name) = `"$($reader.Value)`"" } while ($reader.MoveToNextAttribute()) "$s$close" } else { indent "<$($reader.Name)$close" Increase } indent level if ($close -ne '/>') {$indent++} } elseif ($reader.NodeType -eq [Xml.XmlNodeType]::EndElement ) { Decrease $indent-indent level indent "</$($reader.Name)>" } elseif ($reader.NodeType -eq [Xml.XmlNodeType]::Text) { indent $reader.Value Format text } element Close reader } object $reader.close() }
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metaproperty 233 Synthetic object root 225 PSObject class 233 PSPath 235 PSScriptMethod object 239 PSScriptProperty 236 PSTypeConverter 84 public decryption key 453 public fields 222 public key 347 encryption 453 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 454 public members 222 public methods 222 public properties 222 pure synthetic objects 242 definition 231 Put() method Active Directory 513 WMI 435 pwd alias 308 PwrSpiral.ps1 script 388 Python 9, 108, 137, 191 lambda 216, 219 security 441 Q quantifier, regex 304 query, XPath 337 quiet switch 321 quotation marks 29 quoting 38 for doskey macros 486 R random number generator, .NET class 414 range operator 130 rangeExpressionRule, PowerShell grammar 527 RangeOperatorToken, PowerShell grammar 529 RawUI member 271
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SELECT COUNT(*) AS [BookCount], [t0].[Subject] AS [SubjectId] FROM [Book] AS [t0] GROUP BY [t0].[Subject]
Task 1-9. Creating a New Web Site
int count = SampleData.Books.Count(); for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { ddlStart.Items.Add(i.ToString()); ddlEnd.Items.Add(i.ToString()); } ddlStart.SelectedIndex = 2; ddlEnd.SelectedIndex = 3; DisplayPartialData(); } }
1 2 3
Figure 30-2. The event shown will run the Backup user folders.scpt script every night at 12:20 AM
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (IsValid()) { Creates and populates lblError.Text = ""; ReportParameter objects //Set Parameter Values ReportParameter param1 = new ReportParameter("StartDate", dtBeginDate.Value.ToString()); ReportParameter param2 = new ReportParameter("EndDate", dtEndDate.Value.ToString()); ReportParameter param3 = new ReportParameter("ForecastedMonths", txtForcasted.Text.ToString()); this.reportViewer1.ServerReport.SetParameters (new ReportParameter[] { param1, param2, param3 }); Adds ReportParameters to report reportViewer1.Visible = true; reportViewer1.RefreshReport(); Refreshes } ReportViewer else control { reportViewer1.Visible = false; Hides display } of report }
Performance considerations
Advanced database capabilities
The RichTextBox has the ability to host any UIElement, but it has first-class support for hosting Hyperlinks without requiring any special containers or other work on your part, while keeping them active even for editable text. This makes it easy to display HTML-like text with embedded links. For example, listing 9.15 shows two Hyperlink elements embedded in the RichTextBox control.
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