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To see how this works, let s take a look at the original form of SlowWorker s doWork: method. To get to it, open up the copy of the original SlowWorker project directory you made earlier, and use that for the rest of the changes we re going to show.
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CHAPTER 2: Mike Ash s Deep Dive Into Peer-to-Peer Networking
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That sets up a basic single-entity data entry form we can use for the validation examples included in this chapter minus the ones specific to the DataForm and DataGrid. Throughout this chapter we ll modify various aspects of the Employee class, as well as the binding statements in the form XAML. As we move through the examples, it may be Figure 13.1 Runtime view of the validation form helpful to refer back to these listings. The first type of validation we ll look at is also the simplest and the one with the most history: exception-based validation.
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For a database backup to be valid, you must use the BACKUP DATABASE command or one of its GUI equivalents. Let s look at a simple example in which we ll back up the AdventureWorks database. Check Books Online (BOL) for the full description of the backup command with all of its various options.
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Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportManager
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Prepares the report request
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On the What s New screen, you can scroll down to check out what s new in the latest version of iTunes, as well as to see the system requirements (see Figure 30 58). Click Continue to move on.
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CHAPTER 11: Environment Mapping and Reflections with OpenGL ES
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PS (7) > DEBUG: DEBUG: DEBUG: $args is DEBUG: DEBUG: $args is DEBUG: DEBUG: $args is foreach ($i in 1..3) {foo $i} 1+ foreach ($i in 1..3) {foo $i} 1+ foreach ($i in 1..3) {foo $i} 1+ function foo {"`$args is " + $args} 1 1+ foreach ($i in 1..3) {foo $i} 1+ function foo {"`$args is " + $args} 2 1+ foreach ($i in 1..3) {foo $i} 1+ function foo {"`$args is " + $args} 3
Each time through the function, we d be setting the value of myStatic back to 0. This function will always return a value of 0. Not what we want, eh The difference between the two functions The first version sets the value of myStatic to 0 by initialization (the value is specified within the declaration). The second version sets the value of myStatic to 0 by assignment (the value is specified after the declaration). If a variable is marked as static, any initialization is done once and once only. Be sure you set the initial value of your static variable in the declaration and not in an assignment statement.
Activity Monitor
Sometimes, you may want to force the Report Server to abandon the report session and execute the report anew. As a developer, you can do this in a couple of ways, depending on how the report is requested. If the report s consumer requests the report by URL, you can send the rs:ClearSessionID command to the Report Server, as will discuss in chapter 9. If the report is requested by SOAP, you can programmatically abandon the session by clearing the SessionId property of the SessionHeaderValue proxy class. If the report s consumer doesn t support cookies, the session ID can be explicitly specified in the request URL or as an argument to the Render method call, as we will discuss in chapter 9. From the end-user perspective, if the report includes the standard toolbar, the end user can click the Refresh Report button (or press Ctrl-F5) to clear the session. Report execution caching Optionally, the report administrator can turn on report execution caching using the report execution page. To access this page, click the Execution link (see figure 7.8). Report execution caching is another big area of confusion. To make things even more confusing, the pre-release documentation of Reporting Services referred to this form of caching as in-memory caching, which is totally incorrect. When report execution caching is enabled, the report s IF is not cached in memory at all. Just like report sessions, report execution caching uses the report s IF cached in the ReportServerTempDB database. So what s the difference While report session caching MANAGING RS WITH THE REPORT MANAGER 233
Let s support this interface in our classes. In many cases, it is an error to reference a disposed object. In our case, we would like to be able to clear and reuse a PhotoAlbum instance, so we will leave the album object in a usable state after the Dispose method has been called.
alleviate the transaction load, using a lighter index maintenance technique, covered in chapter 13, will reduce the network usage in a mirrored solution. Use snapshots on the mirror database with caution. The additional load of the copy on write process may lead to a significant redo queue, lengthening failover time. If the mirror database needs to be available for queries, consider other high-availability solutions such as transaction log shipping with standby restore mode, peer-to-peer transactional replication, or shared scalable databases. Finally, if using synchronous mirroring with automatic failover, consider the ability of the client connections to reconnect to the mirror. If you re not using the SQL Server Native Client (SNAC), custom reconnection logic is required. If the client can t detect connection failure and reconnect, the value of mirroring as a high-availability solution is significantly diminished.
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