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View Code command 79 View Data Sources task 347 ViewReport button 473 virtual users 506 visible-on-demand groups 121 Visual Studio 2005 defined 7 Visual Studio Report Designer 24,
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Note You could have assigned the properties to the iCal event all at once using the properties parameter in the make command, like so: make new event with properties {start date:date "Wednesday, May 3, 2006 04:00:00", end date....
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-- Grant the service account access to the mirroring endpoint GRANT CONNECT on ENDPOINT::Mirroring TO [BNE-SQL-PR-01\SQL-Sales];
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Open firebug.html in Firefox, and then press F12 to enable Firebug. If you re just joining us, flip back to the preface for details on how do this. So anyway, we can represent this recipe with the following wildMaineBlueberry object: var wildMaineBlueberry = { heavyCream: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], halfHalf: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], sugar: [5/8, "cup"], yolks: [6], blueberries: [2, "cup", "fresh wild Maine blueberries"], vanilla: [1, "bean", "Madagascar Bourbon"], freshLemonJuice: [2, "tsp"] }; However, other than a few short months, fresh wild Maine blueberries are tough to find. So for most of the year, I d have to set wildMaineBlueberry.blueberries to either [2, "cup", "Dole frozen wild blueberries"] or [2, "cup", "Wyman frozen wild blueberries"]. Moreover, Madagascar Bourbon is my favorite type of vanilla bean. But if I m out of those, I ll steep a Tahitian or Mexican one instead. The former is milder than Madagascar Bourbon while the latter is more intense. So, what do you do Modify wildMaineBlueberry.blueberries and wildMaineBlueberry.vanilla by hand whenever my preferred ingredients are not to be had Well, we could, but that s so greenhorn. There s a better way: create a constructor to churn custom quarts of Wild Maine Blueberry for us. Here s how: Constructors are functions invoked with the new operator. Unlike typical functions, constructors are named in upper camel case to indicate that new is required. Omitting new for a constructor adds members to the global window object, which would not be good. So, anyway, when you invoke a constructor with new, JavaScript creates a private variable named this, which contains an empty object for you to add members to. Whereas functions implicitly return undefined, constructors implicitly return this. So you don t have to create a private this variable in the body of the constructor or explicitly write a return statement. JavaScript does that for you. That s really nice. But even better, this inherits any members you add to the constructor s prototype object. With all of this in mind, we can create a constructor named WildMaineBlueberry(). Carved in stone members will go in WildMaineBlueberry.prototype, while the values we pass in parameters cleverly named blueberries and vanilla will be assigned to the blueberries and vanilla members of this. In other words, we set the prototype to contain all the ingredients that never change and use the constructor to customize the ingredients that do change, which are then combined with the unchanging set. In the following constructor, you can see how we use : to set the default values of blueberries and vanilla, should we not supply a blueberries parameter or a vanilla parameter (in other words, the value of the blueberries parameter is returned by : if it is set; otherwise, the default string is returned): var WildMaineBlueberry = function(blueberries, vanilla) { this.blueberries = [2, "cup", blueberries blueberries : "fresh wild Maine blueberries"];
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Drawings and Geometries
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6.5.3 Making your API known to developers
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Designing the persistence layer Implementing reusable Data Access Objects Implementing conversations Supporting Enterprise Services transactions
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We see that we ve added a description property to the object with the value A string . And, to prove that this property isn t present on all strings, we do
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Disk Cache joy 293 16 aam 5630 4760 niska 13953 2756 omamo@ 470 123
Executed while the pipeline to test evaluates to true while Keyword
If you want to see the new version of ParseFeed.java, which has been retrofitted to support funky RSS using the above two code examples, take a look at ParseFeedFunky.java in the online examples.
The FileMode options shown in this table cover a wide variety of file operations. These values are useful when you re creating files or attempting to read a file from isolated storage.
To check whether a Boolean value assigned to a variable is true or false, it isn t necessary to perform a full-blown equality test like this: if Boolean_variable = true then do_something() Simply use the variable, like this: if Boolean_variable then do_something() If you want to find out whether the variable s value is false, simply add the not operator before the variable, like this: if not tired_yet then write_another_chapter() This last line says that the handler write_another_chapter will be called if the variable tired_yet is false.
The Save method will store the version number followed by the file name of each Photograph written as a simple string.
private void checkGameOver() { // check if player has enough money to go on... if (machine.MinBet > uiCredits) { disableCommand("Game Over"); showStatus("Game over!"); freezeBet(); beep(); // alert player } else { enableCommand("&DEAL"); focusCommand(); unfreezeBet(); } } private void newGame() { // start (again) with full credits... initPokerMachine(); hideCards(); clearHoldCheckBoxes(); disableHoldCheckBoxes(); unfreezeBet(); showMachineStatistics(); showMoney(); enableCommand("&DEAL"); focusCommand(); showMessage("Click DEAL to Start"); showStatus("Place Your Bet and Click DEAL to Start"); } private void enableCommand(string s) { dealDrawButton.Text = s; dealDrawButton.Enabled = true; startOverButton.Enabled = true; } private void disableCommand(string s) { dealDrawButton.Enabled = false; dealDrawButton.Text = s; if (s.Equals("Game Over")) { startOverButton.Enabled = true; startOverMenuItem.Enabled = true; } else { startOverButton.Enabled = false; startOverMenuItem.Enabled = false;
classes (continued) Geometry 520 524 GeometryGroup 524 GradientStop 526, 528 HtmlDocument 76, 85 HtmlElement 77, 85 HtmlPage 76, 79, 83 HtmlWindow 79, 85 HttpWebRequest 352 353, 359 HyperlinkButton 241 Image 619 ImageBrush 529 InvokeOperation 492 IsolatedStorageFile 129 133 ItemsControl 245 252, 687, 711 ItemsPanel 689 ItemsPresenter 688 JsonObject 364 Keyboard 192 KeyEventArgs 191 LayoutInformation 157 Line 516 517 LinearColorKeyFrame 656 LinearDoubleKeyFrame 656 LinearGradientBrush 526 528, 681 LinearPointKeyFrame 656 LineGeometry 521 LineSegment 523 ListBox 246 248 ListBoxItem 247 MediaElement 573 MediaStreamSource 596 598 MessageReceivedEventArgs 378 metadata class 494 MouseEventArgs 194 MultiScaleImage 627 628 MultiScaleTileSource 627 NavigationService 393 396 NotificationWindow 108 OpenFileDialog 412 Page 388, 392 393 Panel 689 Path 516 PathFigure 522 PathGeometry 522 PathSegment 522 PixelShader 539 Point 519, 528, 631 PointAnimation 641 PollingDuplexHttpBinging 369
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