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Writer Data Matrix in Objective-C 3: Interface Builder

This template starts out more or less the same way as the fade with a Grid containing our controls b and a trigger catching the current element change c. But, instead of animating the Opacity property of the element to go from transparent to visible, we re using an OpacityMask d. This lets us specify which bits of the element are opaque or transparent, rather than the whole thing. The OpacityMask uses a Brush; instead of drawing anything, it indicates which bits of the control are visible: If the OpacityMask Brush draws something as transparent, then you can t see that bit. If it draws something as black, then you can see that bit. The color isn t really the important bit. Each color has four components: Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha. Alpha is the alpha channel that controls visibility. An alpha value of 0 means completely transparent, no matter what values RGB has. A value of 255 means completely solid, and values in between indicate relative transparency. We re using black which has a value of 255 for Alpha, and values of 0 for Red, Green, and Blue, but we could use any solid color. More interestingly, though, is that we re setting up an OpacityMask as part of a setter d. This is more involved than, say, setting visibility, but it s the same concept when the event fires, the OpacityMask property of the presenter will be set to a linear gradient brush that goes from solid to transparent. You may have noticed that the offset for both gradient stops is 0. We re relying on a side effect of the gradient brush to continue the last color all the way to the end of our area. For all intents and purposes, we have a gradient brush that goes like this:
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bool someSelected = (numSelected > 0); btnMoveUp.Enabled = (someSelected && !lstPhotos.GetSelected(0)); btnMoveDown.Enabled = (someSelected && (!lstPhotos.GetSelected( lstPhotos.Items.Count - 1))); btnRemove.Enabled = someSelected; btnPhotoProp.Enabled = (numSelected == 1); }
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CHAPTER 8: Shoot em Up
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Working with Publishers
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Interacting with the User
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LINQ provides several mechanisms for mixing XML and relational data. To allow
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XAML extensions and type converters
using System; ...Rest of default using statements removed for space... using System.Net.Sockets; using System.IO;
Here is how such a result can be converted to an array or a list:
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One of the characteristics that makes PowerShell operators powerful is the fact that they are polymorphic. In other words, they work on many types of objects. While this is generally true in other object-based languages, in those languages the type of the object defines the behavior of the operator. For example, the Integer class would define an operator for adding a number to a class.
Sometimes a single date will not do. A scheduling program, for example, might need to show a calendar with meeting days highlighted, or display a meeting that covers a range of dates. The MonthCalendar class allows one or more months to be displayed on a Form, with individual days highlighted or a range of days selected. Since our PhotoAlbum class permits each photograph to specify its own date, it seems appropriate to demonstrate the calendar control by highlighting the days in a calendar on which a photograph was taken. We will do this by adding a second TabPage object to our MyAlbumEditor main window. The result of our changes is shown in figure 11.6. Note how some dates are in bold to indicate one or more photographs were taken that day. If the user clicks on a date, a context menu pops up containing the corresponding photographs. When a photograph is selected from this context menu, the properties for that photograph are displayed. The interface in figure 11.6 provides a very different view of our album. While the order of photographs in the album is not apparent, the specific days that a collection of pictures was taken is immediately available. This section will discuss the month calendar control in general and add the control to a new tab page in our application. We will discuss how to bold the dates when photographs were taken, and how to process and respond to mouse clicks made within the control.
% ./NSTraceEventsCocoaExample -NSTraceEvents YES 2002-03-30 09:25:00.869 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] timeout = 63074799299.132416 seconds, mask = ffffffff, dequeue = 1, mode = kCFRunLoopDefaultMode 2002-03-30 09:25:00.894 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] got apple event of class 61657674, ID 6f617070 2002-03-30 09:25:00.900 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] still in loop, timeout = 63074799299.100403 seconds 2002-03-30 09:25:00.902 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] timeout = 63074799299.100403 seconds, mask = ffffffff, dequeue = 1, mode = kCFRunLoopDefaultMode 2002-03-30 09:25:03.169 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] Received event: Kitdefined at: 0.0,0.0 time: 171471 flags: 0 win: 35733 ctxt: 0 subtype: 9, data: 1e50,0 2002-03-30 09:25:03.173 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] Received event: LMouseDown at: 515.0,156.0 time: 171471 flags: 0 win: 35733 ctxt: 127d7 data: -25994,1 2002-03-30 09:25:03.175 NSTraceEventsCocoaExample[16706] In Application: NSEvent: type=LMouseDown loc=(328,260) time=736464.6 flags=0 win=0 winNum=35733 ctxt=0x127d7 evNum=-25994 click=1 buttonNumber=0 pressure=1
Creating a custom control
Checking for Game Center Availability
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