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Figure 3 9. Note how the master-detail sits on top of an individual e-mail in the portrait orientation, but side-byside in the landscape orientation.
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Now, type the name user info in the Name field, as shown in Figure 13-7.
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MOM Inventory
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This is all the code you ll need to create a model that can work with the database. Everything else is handled by the ISModel superclass.
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Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters Site Aggregator Displays the contents (documents and tasks) of sites Assembly Class Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
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Starting or Stopping the Picture Frame App
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- (void)newPieceForCircle:(NSNumber *)circle { int num = [circle intValue]; BOOL centerFound = NO; // find new piece, and assure center piece can be set for (int i = 0; i < GAME_CIRCLES; i++)
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We chose to use a calculator for our utility sample because it shows the power of the Grid layout. The speed with which you can lay out fairly complex sets of controls, and have them automatically size and scale, is impressive. We spent two chapters on layout because it s such a key component of WPF. No matter what you re doing, deciding on a layout approach is almost always going to be one of your first steps.
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The name of the function.
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.spSimil @str1 nvarchar(max), @str2 nvarchar(max), @dblSimil float output AS SET NOCOUNT ON SELECT @dblSimil = dbo.fnSimil(@str1, @str2) RETURN
The Objective-C classes include some high-level methods, like -intersectSet:, that make it easy to perform set operations. They also include the amusing -anyObject message that returns an arbitrary member of the set.
User givenUser = LoadUser(1) IQuery q = session.CreateQuery("from Comment c where c.FromUser = :user"); q.SetEntity("user", givenUser); IList results = q.List();
Separating Data and Representation on the Server
You should be using parentheses in three instances:
Because of the nature of multithreaded development, concurrency control is a key in any language. J# contains a robust set of synchronization mechanisms to ensure that access to data elements is performed in a controlled fashion.
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