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Now multiply the new array by three:
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Submitting a certificate request If you are not sending your request to a CA and want to generate a response locally, you can use Windows Server 2003 s Certificate Services to issue a response. Begin by navigating your browser to http://<servername>/CertSrv, where <servername> is the name of the server that is running Certificate Services. This step loads the Microsoft Certificate Services Certificate Authority tool into your browser. From here, you can request a certificate, view the status of a pending certificate request, or download a CA certificate, certificate chain, or certificate revocation list (CRL). To begin processing the certificate, click the Request A Certificate link. Microsoft Certificate Services will present you with options based on the type of certificate you will be processing (Web Browser Certificate, E-Mail Protection Certificate, or Submit An Advanced Certificate Request). Since you are acting as the CA and have saved the certificate request to a file on your local server drive, select the option to submit an advanced certificate request. Next, you ll see a window that lets you either create and submit a request to your CA running on your network, or submit a certificate request by using a Base64 CMC or PKCS #10 file. Because you saved your request to a file on your local drive (c:\certreq.txt.cer), click the Submit A Certificate Request By Using A Base64 CMC Or PKCS#10 File link. This takes you to the next window in this process (figure 9.8), in which you will be required to submit a saved request to the web page. At this point, open your certificate request file (c:\certreq.txt.cer) and copy and paste its entire contents into the saved request text area on the form. The contents of the file should be in the following format:
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The help is hosted on Microsoft s TechNet website, and it s always going to be more up to date than what s installed with PowerShell itself. So if you think you ve spotted an error in an example or in the syntax, try viewing the online version of the help. Not every single cmdlet in the universe has online help; it s up to each product team (like
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OK, so now that you ve recited all the rules and know them perfectly, I ll give you the invisibility cloak that will allow you to bypass all those rules! Use spaces, start with a number, and use reserved words anything you want! All you have to do is wrap your identifier in a pair of pipes, like this: |my variable| This shields the variable from any naming rules. Doing this allows you to use spaces, use special characters, start the name with a number (inside the pipes), and so on. Here are some legal names: |#$%@ That!| | | |2b or not 2b| When AppleScript decompiles a previously compiled script to source code, it will automatically apply pipes to an identifier if that identifier would otherwise conflict with an application or scripting addition defined keyword.
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The code in bold specifies what needs to happen. Set the content of the Label control (destinationTextField) to the content of the Text Field (sourceTextField). So where in all of this is the Model Well, this is a very simple example and the Model in this case is the Text Field into which the user types the message. Nevertheless the fundamentals are the same for most Cocoa programs you will write. The controller takes the data provided by the Model and carries out whatever processing is necessary to interact with the View. In practice, as you will see in more complex examples, you will have a Controller corresponding to each View component that you need to manage, and an underlying Model.
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New to C# 2.0 are static classes. At times, all the methods (and potentially, properties) on a class will be static. This typically happens in utility classes, such as math libraries, where saving state in instance variables serves no benefit. As mentioned earlier, it s good programming to make the constructor private for classes like this, as it prevents users of the class from accidentally instantiating the class just to use a static method (C# prevents this, but other languages may not). However, the private constructor is merely a convention and doesn t carry any compiler enforcement. This lack of compiler enforcement has two problems: one, a developer can forget to add this feature to the class, and two, there s nothing preventing the developer from accidentally adding an instance method. These problems aren t contrived or mere thought experiments. System.Environment offers a number of static methods and properties that allow the state of the computing environment to be queried. As there s only a single computing environment from the point of view of a process, all members are static. However, the static modifier on the
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Download at
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Object initializers allow us to specify values for one or more fields or properties of an object in one statement. They allow declarative initializations for all kinds of objects.
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Animation and behaviors
About Box 241 action 105, 216 217 connecting 216 217 activate 274, 277 ADC TV 302 Address Book 280 administrator 33 Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) 327 Alignment panel 214 alloc 190 191 allocated memory tracking 188 allocation information capturing 149 allocation routine 135 monitoring execution 135 reporting runtime problems 135 storing diagnostic information 135 Alpha 127 ancestor file 132 ANSI C 174
Once the workbook has been published, you can set up the Excel Web Access Web Part in a dashboard to display either of the two objects. As you can see, the Excel Web Access Web Part has been configured to display the list1 object. The toolbar in the web part gives you the ability to flip back and forth from displaying the list or the chart. Of course, it s possible to display more than one web part so that both objects are displayed at the same time on the dashboard, or I could add a Filter Web Part that would allow the user to choose. Figure 10.8 illustrates the Excel Web Access Web Part in use on a dashboard page.
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