c# barcode maker 15: Packaging and Distribution in Objective-C

Display Data Matrix in Objective-C 15: Packaging and Distribution

The basics of unit testing
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WorkManager using the ThreadPool class
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CHAPTER 5: Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity
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When a Feature is deactivated, it fires the FeatureDeactivating method of the Feature receiver, but it doesn t undo the actions completed by the module statements in an elements manifest. For instance, the Web Part isn t removed from the Web Part Gallery. The reason that SharePoint doesn t remove the .webpart file is that it d then remove any customizations made to the file. If you want to make sure that the .webpart file is removed from the Web Part Gallery, you have to implement a Feature receiver. Listing 7.1 shows you how.
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The TranslateTransform element allows you to define how to transfer an element from one location to another. Listing 6.13 shows a square translated by 25 pixels vertically and horizontally.
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Using the WBlock Method
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Sometimes when you click a link, the web page you were viewing moves to the background and a new window pops up with new content (another web page, a video, etc.). In such cases, the Back arrow in the new browser window does nothing! Instead, you have to tap the Open Pages icon (just to the right of the arrows) to see a list of open web pages and then tap the one you want. In the example shown in Figure 11 4, we touched a link that opened a new browser window. The only way to get back to the old one was to tap the Open Pages icon and select the desired page.
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private DataTable BuildDataTable() { DataTable dt = new DataTable("AlaskaCities"); dt.Columns.Add("ID", typeof(System.Int32)); dt.Columns.Add("String", typeof(System.String)); dt.Rows.Add(1, dt.Rows.Add(2, dt.Rows.Add(3, dt.Rows.Add(4, dt.Rows.Add(5, return dt; } protected void DataTableButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { DataTable dt = BuildDataTable(); using (SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager .ConnectionStrings["TVPs"].ConnectionString)) { SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("dkSelectFromTVP", cnn); cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TVParam", dt); cnn.Open(); SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); GridView1.DataSource = dr; "Ester"); "Chena"); "North Pole"); "Chatanika"); "Fox");
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CHAPTER 14: Game Center
Reasons to choose a blog server Blogs are good for individuals and conversations. A blog is essentially a personal space, a home for one person or a group that writes about related topics. A blog works well for information that is issued by one party and organized along the axis of time, such as news stories, announcements, and status reports. Most blog servers now support limited wiki integration, allowing you to write blog entries using wiki syntax and easily link into an external wiki. Reasons to choose a wiki server Wikis are good for groups and collaborations. A wiki provides a shared space where a group can come together to collaborate on documents and share information. Most wiki servers now support limited blogging capabilities, allowing you to establish a blog within a wiki page or a wiki namespace, create blog entries using wiki syntax, accept comments, and provide a newsfeed of your blog. Reasons to choose both a blog and a wiki server If you need full-featured blog and wiki capabilities and you are not satisfied by the limited blogging capabilities offered by most wikis, the best option is to set up both blog and wiki servers and to integrate them wherever possible.
logical model 153, 155, 160, 175, 323 business logic 153 physical model 154 transformation to physical model 175 logical modeling 153 Logical OR 730 logical order 616 logical processors 523 logical reads 62 63, 65, 67 68, 398, 427, 571, 573 expensive queries 599 logical scan fragmentation 616 617 logical unit number 564 LogicalDisk counters 612 LogicalDisk object 607, 609 login attempts 272 login audit event 685 login records 675 Logins 350 logins 326, 452, 458 459 SQL Server Authentication 452 Windows Authentication 452 Logins per Second 385 Logistic Regression 691 logs 325 longest common substring 205 long-lasting locks 46 long-running queries extended events 620 lookup destination 756 lookup table 747 lookup table data 265 Lookup transformation 734, 743, 747, 754 756 Advanced tab 748 behavior 757 behavior, INNER JOIN 757 Fail Component 757 Ignore Failure 757 primary settings 748 SqlCommand 734 SqlCommandParam 734 Lookup Transformation Editor 757 lookups 599 looping 727 loosely coupled code 283 lost data 323 recovery 323 lower partition number 423 LSN 683 See also log sequence numbers
class Test { public static void Main() { Engineer engineer = new Engineer("Hank", 21.20F); Console.WriteLine("Name is: {0}", engineer.TypeName()); } } Engineer will serve as a base class for this scenario. It contains the private field name and the protected field billingRate. The protected modifier grants the same access as private; however, classes that are derived from this class also have access to the field. Protected is therefore used to give classes that derive from this class access to a field. Protected access allows other classes to depend upon the internal implementation of the class and therefore should be granted only when necessary. In the example, the billingRate member can t be renamed, since derived classes may access it. It s often a better design choice to use a protected property. The Engineer class also has a member function that can be used to calculate the charge based on the number of hours of work done.
I ve done three things here, two of which are functional and one of which is purely cosmetic:
Table 9.1 demonstrates how various statements impact the values of WriterSeqNum along with the return value of the AnyWritersSince method.
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