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The second step is to open App.xaml.cs and check the constructor to ensure the Authentication property of the web context is set to FormsAuthentication:
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Update the OnClear method to dispose of the contents.
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User user = ...; ClassMetadata meta = sessionFactory.GetClassMetadata(typeof(User)); string[] metaPropertyNames = meta.GetPropertyNames(); object[] propertyValues = meta.GetPropertyValues(user);
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You may find yourself in a situation where you need to write Objective-C code that must function in both a managed memory and a garbage collection environment. It s possible to do this because the managed memory methods and garbage collection techniques have very little overlap. In a garbage collection environment, the messages that manage reference counting (-retain, -release, -autorelease) are ignored. In a managed memory environment, the compiler s support for garbage collection
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So in order to schedule policy checks against earlier SQL Server versions, we can take our policy script and create a PowerShell-based SQL Server Agent job step, as shown in figure 8.21. Note that we formatted the script for visibility by adding extra line breaks. We can optionally enhance the job step using the additional parameters described earlier to reconfigure the server in case it fails evaluation and/or to evaluate multiple policies at once. In summary, the combination of policy-based management, central management servers, and PowerShell cmdlets enables a whole new level of powerful management possibilities for the enterprise DBA.
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Scriptable application commands have a readable, English-like syntax that uses keywords defined by the application s dictionary. The name of the command is a keyword. For example, iTunes dictionary defines command names such as open, play, fast forward, quit, and so on. The following script sends the play command to iTunes, telling it to start playing the current track: tell application "iTunes" play end tell
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Here, the -session parameter can only accept pipeline input ByPropertyName, which means I would need to pipe in an object that contained a session object inside a property named Session I can t just pipe in session objects as I did with EnterPSSession. Too bad, but the preceding example of using a parenthetical expression provides the same functionality without too difficult a syntax.
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Querying XML
IList results = session.CreateFilter( item.Bids, "select elements(this.Bidder.Bids)" ) .List();
Of course, your specific situation may dictate a different solution, but the guidelines here will apply to most applications.
The following code displays the current dimension style to the user and provides an opportunity for the user to change it: Public Sub SetActiveDimStyle() Dim strDimStyles As String Dim strChosenDimStyle As String Dim objDimStyle As AcadDimStyle For Each objDimStyle In ThisDrawing.DimStyles strDimStyles = strDimStyles & objDimStyle.Name & vbCrLf Next strChosenDimStyle = InputBox("Choose one of the following Dimension " & _ "styles:" & vbCr & vbCr & strDimStyles, "Existing Dimension style is: " & ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle.Name, ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle.Name) If strChosenDimStyle = "" Then Exit Sub On Error Resume Next ThisDrawing.ActiveDimStyle = ThisDrawing.DimStyles(strChosenDimStyle) If Err Then MsgBox "Dimension style was not recognized" End Sub
Silverlight Web Parts
Table 16-7. Common Mutable Dictionary Collection Methods
19.3.4 Adding a header and footer The approach we ll use to add a header and footer is similar to the items approach. The header and footer will each have an associated DataTemplate property that will be populated in XAML with the appropriate content. Listing 19.17 shows the property declarations in the EmployeeReport class.
Here you see that we re looking up the relevant villain in the same way as before, and this time instead of returning a value, we re using the column s identifier to set an attribute of the villain object. We end the method by calling updateDetailViews, so that any editing we do directly in the table view will be displayed in the other controls as well. At this point you should be able to compile and run your app, and see that you can edit the value in the name column in the table view, and see your change register in the dedicated Name control as soon as you press tab or enter.
At a minimum, before entrusting a cloud provider with your business-critical applications, you should be comfortable that it is in a strong financial position and has a good operational track record and good operational assets, such as appropriate data-center facilities and network connectivity. When business issues have been satisfactorily addressed, the next step is to evaluate the technical considerations germane to cloud operations, which we ll talk about next.
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